By Daryl Ruiter | 92.3 The Fan

BEREA (92.3 The Fan) – Josh Gordon isn’t ready to ask the Browns for a trade but he would trade a big day just for a win.

“You can ask for a trade whenever you want to really, but that’s not really on my mind, man,” Gordon, who has won just 10 times in a Browns uniform since 2012, said Thursday. “I’m just glad to be back.”

Since being drafted in the second round of the 2012 supplemental draft, the Browns have stood by Gordon through 5 suspensions that have cost him a total of 56 games and spanned 3 regime changes.

New general manager John Dorsey told Bull and Fox Tuesday afternoon on 92.3 The Fan that the team will continue to support Gordon so long as he continues to do his part to warrant it.

“Josh is a very, very, very talented football player,” Dorsey said. “And it always helps to have talented guys on there. The one thing about Josh, what I’ve seen is and I’ve heard, he’s worked very hard to turn his personal life around. My Catholicism has taught me that, you know what, give every man a second chance in life.

“And as long as he’s committed to the Cleveland Browns, I’ll tell you that the Cleveland Browns are committed to him, to help him not only be a good football player but a good man off the field.”

Since returning from a pair of indefinite suspensions that spanned 1,077 days, Gordon has been targeted a team-high 28 times over the last 3 games. He has totaled 12 catches for 201 yards and a touchdown.

It stands to reason that those numbers could be significantly better if rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer, who missed on 2 potential TD tosses to him against the Chargers Dec. 3, was more accurate with his throws.

That breakout game that everyone grew accustomed to in 2013 just hasn’t materialized yet but Gordon’s priority isn’t on his individual numbers.

“I’m hopeful for a win more than anything,” Gordon said. “That is my first and main, truly only priority right now is a W. I couldn’t care less about individual things at this point because honestly, one favors the other. If one happens then the other one happens. If it is not my personal or individual victory, it is somebody else’s and that is awesome.

“I’m such a team guy. I feel like these guys are my brothers, and I’m happy to see each and every one of them do well knowing the circumstances that we are in, and we are struggling and facing this adversity, and for guys to keep fighting back and to finally get some success, I’m happy and proud for everybody to do it, as well as myself, if given an opportunity.”

The list of former Browns who have gone on to greener pastures and team success over the years is long, yet distinguished, but Gordon claims he’s not looking to join them.

“A lot of us take on this, the job of being here, as a challenge and it’s something we don’t shy away from,” Gordon said. “It’s not like seen as something that is holding us back. It”s something as a competitor you want to do. You want to come to Cleveland to change the dynamic and be one of the people responsible for bringing a winning season, winning organization to the city.”

The Browns need a victory in 1 of their final 2 games to avoid becoming the second 0-16 team in NFL history. Their back-to-back 0-14 starts, 1-29 and 4-47 records are all new NFL marks for futility but Gordon refuses to be deterred.

“That doesn’t make up the identity of the team or define my character,” Gordon said. “Losing means we have to work harder and when we do get over that hill it’s gonna be great.”


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