Daryl Ruiter joined Nick Wilson and Mike “Chico” Bormann, filling in for Ken Carman and Anthony Lima, to discuss the Cleveland Browns being on the brink of history. Daryl talks the Josh Rosen drama, how the organization should address the quarterback position in the upcoming offseason, along with touching on if John Dorsey and Hue Jackson can co-exist in Berea. Also, will Hue take that plunge in the lake he promised would come along with another 0-16, 1-15 season?

  1. Given all of his pro football experience I can’t imagine Dorsey would really want this stiff Clueless Hue Jackson in the building after New Year’s Eve. The guy is the absolute worst head coach ever!

    I’m guessing Dorsey has already discussed firing the all time worst head coach ever. I can’t wait for it to happen. Jackson makes me sick with his stupid comments and his constant attempts to spin all blame for an awful 1 -31 record onto someone else. He is a delusional egomaniac.

    Oh, before I forget, I’m sure glad Sashi Clown didn’t get Jimmy Garoppolo. That bum is only 4 – 0 since joining the 49ers. Why would the Browns want a turd like him?

    And the beat goes on in Cleveland.

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