By Daryl Ruiter | 92.3 The Fan

CLEVELAND (92.3 The Fan) – The failure by the Browns to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo remains a sore subject for Cleveland fans.

As more and more accounts and reporting on what went down on Oct. 30th surface, it becomes pretty clear that it wasn’t Sashi Brown’s fault.

Browns left tackle Joe Thomas peeled back the curtain on why Garoppolo ended up with the 49ers in the second episode of UNITERRUPTED’s ‘ThomaHawk Show’ podcast featuring him and former Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins, which was released Thursday.

“I remember being in the building and in Cleveland when we heard that Garoppolo was traded and I had some discussions with people in our building in the front office and they were just as perplexed about what happened as anybody in the media because the people in Cleveland have had a great working relationship with the Patriots Front office,” Thomas, who referenced previous trades involving Jamie Collins and Barkevious Mingo between the 2 teams, said. “The Browns people said to the Patriots, ‘If Jimmy Garoppolo is ever available, make sure we’re the first ones you call because we would love to make a deal.’

“There was definitely plenty of overtures throughout the season, and then to see that he was traded to San Francisco without the Browns even getting a phone call was sort of the confusion on everyone’s part, like ‘wait a minute. We would’ve out-bid everybody.'”

Thomas confirmed what had been previously reported – Bill Belichick did not want to send Garoppolo to the Browns because of the constant change and instability the franchise has had.

“Basically Belichick wanted to send Garoppolo to a place where he knew there was going to be long-term stability and he was likely to have success and then re-sign there,” Thomas said. “I know that Belichick’s relationship with [49ers head coach Kyle] Shanahan was really important because Belichick believes that Shanahan is going to be very successful in San Francisco and he believes that he;s going to turn Jimmy into the great quarterback that Belichick believes that he can be.

“And Belichick was worried that if he opened up Garoppolo to the highest bidder and sent him to a place that’s known for instability – which is Cleveland – that within a year that player, Jimmy Garoppolo, is going to be on the free market and he had a very good chance that he was going to sign either with Buffalo or the New York Jets – both of them who are looking for a franchise quarterback. And [if Garoppolo ends up being as good as Belichick thinks], he thought he’d end up beating the Patriots twice a year with Jimmy Garoppolo as quarterback and that would be something that would be unpalatable for Bill Belichick.”

Brown was fired as executive vice president of football operations on Dec. 7, 2017 and less than 12 hours later he was replaced by John Dorsey, who was named general manager.

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  1. Phila Buster says:

    That makes no sense. Even if he didn’t want to sign, they could franchise him. But maybe Bill is right. I only hope the Patriots lose a future SB to the 49ers.

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