CLEVELAND (92.3 the Fan) – Golden State Warriors Head Coach and former Cleveland Cavalier Steve Kerr knows plenty about the organization’s history, waxing poetic about the current floor of Quicken Loans Arena containing pieces of the old Cleveland Arena and quizzing his hometown media on the Miracle At Richfield.

Kerr is even more privy to the recent struggles of the Cavaliers, who he has seen in three straight NBA Finals, but have just two wins in eight games since his team dealt them a loss on Christmas Day.

He says that despite perhaps a desperate feelings by Cavs fans, the lapse is nothing new. It has happened before in LeBron James’s tenure.

“We’ve played them in the Finals in three straight seasons, and I guarantee there is a moment like this in all three seasons. At least one, if not more,” Kerr said. “He’s going to get the ship righted and what happens now has nothing to do with what happens later.”

The Cavaliers are 26-16 on the season, including an 11-12 mark away from the Q, sitting seven games behind Kyrie Irving’s Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference.

Even with the record they have, the Cavaliers still have LeBron in tow, which is enough for Kerr. He says the Cavs have somehow seen an improvement in their 33-year-old leader’s game.

“He is better now than he was four years ago, and that’s insane when you think about that. Because he should have been in his prime four years ago, and he was already an MVP and a Champion. He’s a better shooter, a better player.”

LeBron’s supporting cast is almost unrecognizable in comparison to the three that met up with Kerr in the Finals to begin with. The third member of their big three in 2018, Isaiah Thomas, is recovering from a torn labrum in his hip that had him out of basketball for seven months.

While Kerr noted the troubles brought upon the Cavs trying to reintegrate Thomas into the rotation, he noted that easing off the brakes in January is key to what James specifically will do in May and beyond.

“What he does is so unbelievably taxing that there is no way they’re going to win 65 games,” Kerr said. “They have to pace themselves through the year a little bit, and if you think about the last three years, every year they have some lulls, but we know what is coming in the spring and we know they’ll figure it out. It’s just part of what happens in the NBA, the long season, and you’ve just got to hit your way through it. Everyone kind of has to.”


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