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Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield joined Bull & Fox to talk about being at the Senior Bowl, his reaction to critics saying he’s too short to play quarterback in the NFL, the possibility of being given the chance to turn around the Browns and the offense that he played in at Oklahoma.


  • “Despite what’s happened in college, despite what I’ve done, it doesn’t matter,” Mayfield said. “That’s all out the window. I gotta start fresh and right now the label is a short guy that – the measureable stuff – they look at and say ‘can’t play [in the] NFL [at] QB’ and so I gotta try and prove them wrong.”
  • “They’re getting a winner,” Mayfield said. “They’re getting somebody that’s gonna turn that franchise around. They’re getting somebody that no matter what happens, no matter what anybody on the outside thinks of that franchise, I’m gonna put belief and I’m gonna put new life into that [team].
  • “I’ll do everything I can do to win. Everything for my team and the coaching staff. They’re going to get the biggest competitor they’ve ever seen.”
  • “There’s one thing I know how to do and that’s win ballgames,” Mayfield said. “I came from a high school where state championships were the standard and then going to OU where winning’s the standard. I’ve always held myself to that so wherever I land, a chance to play football is a dream come true for me.
  • “You dream of playing in the NFL. I could care less where I end up but I just want a chance to win games for somebody.”
  • “They’re loyal and true Browns fans, I respect that,” Mayfield said. “It doesn’t matter what happens, they’re always going to be there for them so when you think about it, you’d love to play for a franchise like that. You got people that are gonna have your back and especially if you’re winning ballgames and turning that around.”
  • “The football side of it, Johnny’s a special player, there’s no doubt that. People can say what they want about him as a person but football-wise, he’s a dang good football player,” Mayfield said. “Other than that, we’re nothing alike. I love the game of football. I would never let anything come in between that and I would do whatever it takes for my team to win.”
  • “The biggest thing I learned from all of that is that I can never stop being who I am,” Mayfield said. “I’ve always been a fiery competitor, a leader, a guy that energizes my team and gets them going but at the same time there’s a line that needs to be drawn. If I’m going to be the spotlight on my team, the franchise QB, the face of whatever it is, you have to be the guy that everybody looks to and no matter what the situation is – good or bad – so I can’t let it get out of hand like that but at the same time I realized that there’s a line to be drawn but I was still a guy that was going to be energetic with a chip on my shoulder and be competitive no matter what.”
  • “That’s why we had a top-three, top-four offense in the country each year because we got progression reads,” Mayfield said. “We got some complex things that we do.”
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