Thursday night on Jeopardy!, some of the contestants had trouble answering any questions from a football category.

Some of the (easy) answers included:

  • What is an option play
  • What is a fair catch
  • Who is Tom Landry
  • Who are the Purple People Eaters
  • What are offsetting penalties

Pretty simple football knowledge, right? Not to these Jeopardy! contestants, who were dumbfounded. And host Alex Trebek was able to have some fun with it, mocking the players for their lack of knowledge.

The social media team at Jeopardy! had even more fun with their football theme of the night, tagging the Cleveland Browns in a tweet that played off of the ZERO answers the players got right. Because, of course, the Browns had ZERO wins in 2017.

A laughable moment, for sure.


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