Indians GM Mike Chernoff joined Bull & Fox to talk about the health of Danny Salazar, Jason Kipnis’ role going forward in the everyday lineup, Francisco Mejia’s development going into Spring Training, the lack of movement in free agency, the motivation going into this season and the feedback they’ve gotten on Chief Wahoo.

  • Mike Chernoff on Danny Salazar: “We’re gonna be conservative and make sure he is healthy of the bulk of the year”
  • GM Mike Chernoff on whether Jason Kipnis is starting 2B: “As we sit today, it appears that’s the way things will shake out. At the same time, team first approach is something everybody has.” Says overall team health could impact if there’s a need elsewhere (OF)
  • GM Mike Chernoff on past reports of Kipnis being a trade piece: “He’s a veteran player. There are rumors about guys all the time. We try to over-communicate with our players. We want them to come into camp and throughout the season, play to the best of their ability”
  • GM Mike Chernoff: “For Mejia, it is a chance to get comfortable with the major league staff. It’s hard for a young player to come up in the middle of a run we were having. We’ve got two really good catchers. Francisco has improved and put himself on the map”
  • Mike Chernoff on lack of movement in free agency: “It’s been a strange offseason. I don’t know that anybody has figured it out. I can tell you, I don’t ever remember showing up to Spring Training fielding this many phone calls from agents”
  • GM Mike Chernoff “I don’t know that pressure’s the right word. I would go to responsibility and motivation. A responsibility to fans and city. You could see this group come together in ’16 and that continued into last yr. I see a real motivation and drive in guys’ eyes”
  • GM Mike Chernoff on Wahoo: “It’s amazing how controversial it is. You can see how passionate people are on both sides of the issues. Hopefully, we’ve tried to be respectful of both sides”, says they’ve tried to meet in the middle

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