What happened in the middle of the 1st quarter of Thursday’s Cavaliers vs. 76ers game can’t really be put into words.

LeBron James split a double team of Joel Embiid and Robert Covington and went behind-the-back, between teammate Tristan Thompson’s legs, spilt through the defenders, and finished at the basket with a lay-up and a foul.

James posted a clip of the highlight on his personal Instagram page on Friday morning, with the following caption.

One of my All Time ever moves in my career! Can’t even lie was low key in awe when I saw the replay! Hey what can i say, old head got some tricks too!

We’ll have to agree with LeBron on this one.

The move, the finish, the way he pulled it off … truly remarkable. We’ll be looking for more of the same from James as the season winds down.


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