Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) – John Dorsey owes Sashi Brown a debt of gratitude.

While Brown constructed a historically awful football team in his 2 years as executive vice president of football operations prior to his December firing, he deserves a tremendous amount of credit for making Dorsey’s deals Friday possible.

Armed with 12 picks and a surplus of $114 million in salary cap space, Dorsey spent some of that cache of assets Friday afternoon to upgrade both sides of the football and fill 3 gaping holes on the roster.

But let’s not forget it was Brown who set the table for Dorsey to feast after making nearly 20 trades as the top football executive.

Dorsey is simply picking up where Brown left off.

To recap the craziness Friday afternoon: Dorsey acquired 3-time Pro Bowl receiver Jarvis Landry from Miami, quarterback Tyrod Taylor to be the bridge to their franchise QB-to-be in April, a shut down corner in Damarious Randall from Green Bay and the Packers’ 4th- and 5th-round picks in 2018. It cost him the Browns’ 2018 third-round pick (No. 65) to Buffalo, a 2018 fourth (No. 123) and a 2019 seventh to Miami, quarterback Deshone Kizer plus a 2018 fourth- (No. 101) and fifth-round picks to Green Bay.

More importantly Dorsey hung on to the most valuable part of the draft – picks 1, 4, 33, 35 and 64. And let’s not forget Nos. 4, 35 and 64 were acquired by Brown.

None of what Dorsey has or will accomplish would’ve been possible without the sacrifice of Brown which is why his work can not and should not be forgotten regardless of the painful product that was put on the field the last 2 years.

Dorsey is positioned to make those 2 years a memory.

It’s on him to capitalize, and so far he is.

Thanks to Brown.