Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News and Sirius XM NFL Radio joined Ken Carman and Anthony Lima to talk about new Browns QB Tyrod Taylor.

Vic gave his thoughts what kind of player Tyrod is, who won the deal, what Tyrod means to the rushing offense, what the Bills could do in the draft and if Tyrod Taylor can do enough to stave off a rookie QB that is picked #1 overall.

Comments (2)
  1. Obviously… when you are 0-16 you have to overpay for free agents, the Browns goal was to get better now while making a splash so that other FA’s might look at Cleveland as a place to be successful rather than collect a paycheck and take a season off (Dwayne Bowe, Kenny Britt).

  2. tyrod gives you a class act, a player with class. he just might change the culture in cleveland

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