KEIZER, Ore. (CBS Local) — An armed domestic violence suspect on the run tried to hide at a garage sale after he broke into another house and helped himself to a snack, police in Oregon said.

Jacob Michael Brown, 28, of Keizer faces 11 criminal charges following his arrest Sunday afternoon, according to authorities.

Officers said it all started late Saturday when local police responded to a domestic disturbance. Officers attempted to take the Brown into custody, but he fled on foot. They believed he was armed with a pistol, according to Commander Jeffery Stutrud with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Hours later, Brown allegedly broke into a woman’s home nearby.

Carol Parsons, 83, said she was just returning home from lunch when she saw a man outside her home. She said the suspect had helped himself to a pizza from her fridge.

“It looked like he’d eaten some of it and the pint jar of Skippy peanut butter, and it looked like he had just taken his fingers and dipped them in there and eaten some peanut butter,” Parsons told KPTV.

Brown was then spotted by an officer at a garage sale in the area, milling around some clothing for sale.

The resident running the sale allowed Brown to go into the home to try on clothes. Police then arrested him when he went to walk out the door.

Brown faces numerous charges, including extortion, fourth-degree assault, strangulation and menacing. He also faces additional charges related to a burglary in Keizer reported in early September.