(CBS Local) — 60 percent of American consumers are now “fearful” to shop at a grocery store due to the coronavirus, according to a new report.

C+R Research recently surveyed more than 2,000 consumers to find out if Americans have changed their grocery shopping habits due to COVID-19.

It found 60 percent feel a sense of panic or anxiety when they shop. 45 percent disinfect the groceries they bring them home.

More than one-third of shoppers said more should be done to protect consumers from COVID-19 and half said grocery stores need to do more to properly protect their employees.

46 percent of grocery shoppers said the pandemic has led them to buy items in bulk, although 89 percent believe limits should be placed on items.

73 percent of the respondents are actually shopping less in person and when they do venture out, they tend to go more in the morning than the evening.

Before the pandemic, consumers took 2.3 weekly trips to the grocery store. Now, they average only one trip per week.

Not surprisingly, grocery home deliveries have more than tripled.

C+R’s survey also found consumers are spending an average of $25 more on groceries per week during the pandemic. And nearly half of respondents said their use of restaurant, meal kit or grocery delivery services has increased.