(CBS SAN FRANCISCO) – Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry’s name is known worldwide. But, what many people likely don’t realize is that Stephen is actually his middle name, Wardell is his first name as in Wardell Stephen Curry II. But, since he goes by Stephen or Steph, it came as a bit of a shock when reporter Marcus Thompson addressed him as Wardell on a Thursday video conference.

Curry’s reaction to hearing his first name was one that seems likely to become the next widely used NBA meme.

And in case you missed it in the video, here’s the still frame.

Needless to say, the internet had jokes. Plenty of users chimed in with what they believed was running through Curry’s mind when he heard Thompson use his first name.

Thompson has been covering Curry as a beat writer for the Warriors for years now and wrote a book on the Warriors star called Golden: The Miraculous Rise of Stephen Curry so it feels safe to say that he was just having a bit of fun with him. And now the Internet has him to thank for the reaction shot that will almost surely show up throughout the course of the rest of the NBA season.