Ask A Cleveland Bartender: Your Best Tequila CocktailBin 216 on Playhouse Square in Cleveland, Ohio is a nice niche bar that caters to the throngs of theater goers who visit the various venues in the immediate area. As all speciality bistros they have their own specialty drinks. What follows is their Tequila Cocktail.
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The World's Best Classic Cocktails In The Bars That Invented ThemThere's nothing better than kicking back on vacation with a classic local cocktail, and nothing worse than being interrupted by some blowhard waxing poetic about the drink's storied "history". Unless you're the blowhard, and you're sitting at the exact bar where the drink was invented.
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Best Happy Hours Every Week Night In ClevelandAny night of the week in Cleveland, the end of the work day may leave you feeling the need to loosen up the tie and relax with some good friends for a drink or two before heading home. Here are the best Happy Hours for each night of the week.
Best Places To Get A Hot Toddy In ClevelandTraditionally, a hot toddy is a warm mixed drink comprised of liquor, water, sugar and some spices. The Northern British traditional recipe uses whiskey, warm milk or boiling water, sugar or honey, and sometimes spices such as cloves and a cinnamon stick. Midwest recipes often use ginger ale, lemon, honey and bourbon, while particular states are known for specific ingredients (for example, Wisconsin is known for using brandy). The best Cleveland restaurants and bars have exactly what you're looking for on a cold winter day.
Best Bars For Networking In ClevelandIf you are a young professional or new to Cleveland, it can be difficult to identify the hangouts that can benefit your career. It is not uncommon to see financial advisors, lawyers and federal government employees throwing back Long Islands on West 6th Street on a weeknight. These bars offer ideal opportunities to be charming and intelligent while slipping them a business card.