Baskin & Phelps NFL Postseason Rapid Fire: The (Non)Catch, Fox Out, Beli-trickeryBaskin & Phelps run down stories from around the NFL in the postseason, including John Fox and the Broncos parting ways, the Dez Bryant catch that wasn't a catch, Bill Belichick trickery, early Super Bowl participant predictions, and more.
Winner Of Luck Vs. Manning III Gets Trip To AFC ChampionshipWhen Colts owner Jim Irsay scans the field Sunday, he'll see in the Denver Broncos the kind of team he admittedly couldn't surround Peyton Manning with nearly enough during their 14 years together in Indianapolis.
NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Picks And National Championship Pick With Paul Bessire on Bull & FoxPaul Bessire of joined Bull & Fox to talk about the Ohio State vs. Oregon match-up in the national championship game, his NFL playoff picks, and his take on the toughest match-up of the weekend between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys.
Best Beer Destinations In AmericaMany vacations are planned around different things, including visiting historical sites, the beach and different wineries. Beer enthusiasts can also have the vacation of their dreams by planning a beercation.
6 Things That Mark On Peyton's Forehead ResemblesCan you say Illuminati?
Super Blowout: Seahawks Rout Broncos 43-8 In Super Bowl XLVIIIThe Seattle Seahawks' mantra all season was to make each day a championship day.
Manning Continues His Post-Season Run 24-17
San Diego Hoping For A Mile High City MiracleWhen the San Diego Chargers went into Denver last month and beat the Broncos, no doubt some eyebrows were raised. Now, imagine if they do it again this Sunday.
Prater Kicks Record 64-yard Field Goal - A New NFL RecordMatt Prater had a cold, and was dealing with icy temperatures and history as he lined up to kick the frigid football from his 46-yard line.
Broncos Defeat The Chiefs 27-17
Why You Should Wait Until 2016 To Sell Your HomePlanning to sell your home? You may want to wait until 2016 before listing it.