Ohio Rejects Child Killer's Organ Donation Request Ohio said Friday it was denying a condemned child killer's request to donate organs to his family members, saying he didn't have enough time to undergo the surgery and recuperate for his summer execution.
Producer Of Lethal Injection Drugs Wants States To Stop Using Them In ExecutionsOhio's most recent batches of lethal injection drugs were produced by a company that wants states to stop using them for capital punishment, records show.
Reviews: No Changes Necessary After Ohio ExecutionInitial reviews of Ohio's lengthiest execution during which the inmate repeatedly gasped found no reason to change the way the state puts condemned prisoners to death.
Prison Guards: Lawyer Told Inmate To Fake Suffocation During ExecutionAn attorney for a condemned Ohio inmate whose slow, gasping execution with a new drug combination renewed questions about the death penalty was temporarily suspended last week while officials investigated whether he had coached the condemned man to fake symptoms of suffocation.
Unclear Future For Executions After Ohio's Longest The long and fitful execution of an Ohio inmate with an untested combination of chemicals brought cries of cruel and unusual punishment Friday and could further narrow the options for other states that are casting about for new lethal injection drugs.
Inmate's Execution Takes Nearly 25 Minutes As Family Calls It UnconstitutionalOhio's capital punishment system is likely to face new challenges following an unusually long execution in which the condemned man appeared to gasp several times.
Inmate Takes More Than 20 Minutes To Die During New Lethal Injection ExecutionA condemned Ohio killer appeared to gasp several times during his prolonged execution with the first use of a never-tried lethal injection process never before tried in the U.S.
Ohio Killer Nears Execution With Untried Method The state made preparations Wednesday to use a never-tried lethal drug combination to execute a man for the slaying of a pregnant woman that went unsolved until he inadvertently led authorities to himself.

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