Amico: Wade's Presence "Invaluable In The Cavs Locker Room... You Can See The Difference"Sam Amico of discusses the huge impact of Dwyane Wade on and of the court during the Cavaliers current winning streak.
Sam Amico: "Isaiah Thomas Is The Cavaliers' Eric Bledsoe"Sam Amico of discusses a big Cavs win over the Bucks with non-LeBron players stepping up in the victory, and more.
Sam Amico: Cavaliers "Not Feeling Panicked... But Still A Preseason Mindset"Sam Amico of discusses the Cavaliers rough start to the regular season, the team meeting, and possible changes to the roster.
Amico: Eric Bledsoe Would Love To Come To Cleveland, Suns Demanding "Sun, Moon, And Stars"Sam Amico of discusses the new Cavs lineup, if the Cavs could end up with Eric Bledsoe, and thoughts on LeBron's future.
Amico: Love At Center Gives Cavaliers "More Firepower", Tough Roster Decision ComingSam Amico of talks an adjusted starting lineup for the Cavaliers, the role of Dwyane Wade, the roster cut downs forthcoming.
Amico: Dwyane Wade Likely Still An All Star, Will Help Cavaliers Compete For TitleSam Amico of discusses the addition of Dwyane Wade to the Cavaliers and how the lineups will be figured out.
Sam Amico Discusses Teams That Could Be Waiting In Weeds If Kyrie Deal Falls ThroughSam Amico of Amico Hoops joined Baskin & Phelps Wednesday to discuss the latest he's heard on the Cleveland/Boston Kyrie Irving trade, how bad Isaiah Thomas' hip injury might be, teams that may be waiting to see if the deal with Boston falls through, and more.
Sam Amico Breaks Down Kyrie Irving Trade, What Cavs Moves Could Come NextSam Amico of Amico Hoops discusses how the Kyrie Irving trade went down with Boston, and why the package was good for Cleveland

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