Mother Accused Of Driving SUV With Her Daughters On Roof In Inflatable PoolAn Illinois mother was arrested after she drove around with her two daughters on the roof of her SUV inside of an inflatable pool, according to authorities.
Police: Man Who Broke Into House With Cat Put On Homeowner's Christmas OnesieA man and his cat made themselves right at home during a burglary over the weekend, according to police in Oregon.
Poorly-Timed Flatulence Helps Deputies Sniff Out Suspect Hiding From ArrestA Missouri man wanted for possession of a controlled substance gave his position away to law enforcement officers over the weekend when he passed gas so loudly that it gave up his or her hiding spot, officials said.
Goodwill Store Searching For Family After Finding Purple Heart Medal In Donation BoxA Goodwill store in Arizona is looking for the owner of a Purple Heart medal that was found in the thrift store's donation box last month.
Man Giving Away Used Glasses To Homeless Told To Stop Breaking The LawA Kentucky man who's been handing out used eyeglasses to the homeless and under-served communities around the world for three decades has been forced to stop providing the service in his state.
Father Builds Baseball 'Field Of Dreams' In Backyard For 5-Year-Old SonAn Ohio father has transformed his backyard into a "Field of Dreams" but this time the "if you build it he will come" voices did not come from a cornfield, as depicted in the iconic 1989 film.
Confederate Flag Wristbands Handed Out At Swimming Pool Over July 4th WeekendA woman visiting a North Carolina swimming pool over the July 4th weekend said she was shocked when she noticed that the wristband she was wearing had part of the Confederate battle flag printed on it.
Thieves Use Stolen Forklift To Snatch ATM From BankThe staff of a Texas bank got a big surprise when they showed up at work Wednesday morning -- the bank's ATM was missing and a forklift used to remove it was left in the parking lot.
WATCH: Driver Carjacked At Gunpoint In Broad DaylightPolice in Mississippi are investigating a carjacking that happened in broad daylight and was captured on surveillance video.
Frustrated Mom Revokes Bond, Sends Son Back To JailAn Ohio mom who had bailed out her 22-year-old son after he was charged with involuntary manslaughter now wants her money back.
Man Killed While Shooting Off Fireworks For Neighborhood KidsAn Ohio man lighting fireworks in his front yard for neighborhood kids died early Tuesday when a mortar exploded in his chest, police said.
Patient With IV Drip Arrested While Walking Outside HospitalA black hospital patient in Illinois says he was racially profiled by white police officers when he was arrested last month while taking a walk wearing a gown with an IV drip.
'It's Very Emotional': Missing Dog Found 14 Months Later, 50 Miles From HomeA German Shepherd dog that went missing more than a year ago has been found some 50 miles away from it's home in Maine.
WATCH: Woman Licks Ice Cream Container And Puts It Back In Store FreezerBlue Bell Creameries says it's working with police to find the young woman who was caught on camera licking inside a 64-ounce container of Tin Roof-flavored ice cream before putting it back in a grocery store freezer.
Las Vegas Parking Violators Can Pay Their Fines By Donating School SuppliesNo one likes to pay for a parking ticket, but what if you could pay the fine with a pack of pencils, binders and notebook paper.