Vinny Cerrato: If The Headache Is Bigger Than The Production Than You Get Rid Of The Headache; He's Not Worth ItVinny Cerrato, former NFL GM and radio host in Baltimore on what to do with Manziel and tonight's game.
Kiley & Carman On Demand Rundown, 10/09Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.
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Vinny Cerrato On Browns/Ravens: "Team Who Runs The Ball Best Will Win"Former NFL Executive and Baltimore Sports Talk host Vinny Cerrato joined Baskin & Phelps Friday to break down the Week 3 matchup between the Browns and Ravens, keys to victory for each team, his opinion of Brian Hoyer as a starting QB, Kyle Shanahan putting Manziel on the field, and much more!
Cerrato: Browns Will Be Kid Brother Of AFC North Until They Establish QB PositionFormer NFL GM and current Baltimore radio host Vinny Cerrato joined Baskin & Phelps w/ Les Levine to discuss Browns vs. Ravens, Cleveland stature in the AFC North, Ray Rice's decreasing effectiveness, and more!
Vinny Cerrato Says Way Too Early To Criticize 2013 Draft Class
Vinny Cerrato Says Dumervil, Ravens Defense "Licking Their Chops"Vinny Cerrato talks about the Ravens' struggles in week one against Denver, what the Ravens defense is looking to do against the Browns offensive in week two, Josh Gordon's absence and the effect it has...
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Vinny Cerrato Says Nobody Will Outwork Jason CampbellVinny Cerrato talks about Jason Campbell's signing in Cleveland, Norv Turner's value as an offensive coordinator, Campbell's abilities and work ethic, whether competition will bring more out of Brandon Weeden, if the Browns should still look for a quarterback in the draft and more...