(Photo Credit: Katie Cole/CBS Radio)

(Photo Credit: Katie Cole/CBS Radio)

There is one thing that Cleveland does not lack and that is beautiful neighborhoods that hold character and charm that leads to happy living. Whether visiting the area or looking for a new home, strolling through the neighborhoods will provide a wonderful glimpse into the personality of the residents. Each neighborhood is as unique as the other. From quaint shops, cafes, nightlife and beautiful homes, there is something for everyone in Cleveland’s neighborhoods.

Historic Tremont Neighborhood

This quaint historical district of Tremont was established in 1836 and was called different names along the way until it was eventually named after the schools. It is known for its popular and fancy restaurants like the South Side, Parallax or the Ty Fun. If looking for variety in food, visitors will find it here. Tremont is also known for its magnificent churches, but especially St. Theodosius Orthodox Cathedral. Constructed in 1912, the interior is beautifully crafted with marble walls, painted beveled ceilings and stained glass windows. Religious or not, a visit to this church is a must and an appreciation for the neighborhood grows.

Cleveland Heights 

Driving into Cleveland Heights, the changes in housing are dramatic. Going from single homes to mansions, these houses are what dreams are made of. High class and clean, everything is groomed and in its place. That’s what you will get in this Cleveland neighborhood. Cleveland Heights is known for its elegant boutiques, fancy cafes and lush florists while all the while being within walking distance to some of the most beautiful grounds intertwined with parks and great places to sit and relax while taking it all in.

Detroit Shore

Detroit Shore is the most diverse community in Cleveland. With a mixture of cultures, backgrounds, ages and more, it brings a splash of character. It is a neighborhood full of life through community theater, first-rate movies and delicious restaurants. With being on the shoreline, Detroit Shores is known for its outdoor recreation. From beaches to biking paths to parks to recreation centers, finding what you want is hardly difficult. Detroit Shores’ community is a close-knit group of neighbors who remain close by, participating in community events like gardening and neighborhood watches. They watch out for not only their own but all. Feel safe in Detroit Shores.

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Slavic Village 

The Slavic Village’s community statement says, “Broadway Slavic Village is a community that enjoys a captivating, interesting history and a promising future. Our vision is a vibrant, healthy community that promotes active living. Today, with our unique neighborhoods – from the historic feel of the Warszawa district to the Mill Creek neighborhood’s family-friendly atmosphere — much of Slavic Village retains a “tight-knit community feel that attracts residents and visitors alike,” according to the village officials. In the heart of the neighborhood is a woodsy preserve to help get lost in nature, take a ride down the many bike paths and experience everything this neighborhood has to offer.

Little Italy

What is there not to like about Italy? Being Italian isn’t a requirement to be a resident or a visitor of this beautiful community. In the 1800s, Italians flocked to Cleveland and settled together here, so the area became known as Little Italy. Today, people flock not for the jobs but for the restaurants, art galleries and shopping. Experience authentic Italian sausage or spend the day sitting on the outside porches tasting wine. It’s just as traditional as the “Old Country.”

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