As you think about what to get dad for Father’s Day, coming up with ideas may be difficult. Sometimes dads are the hardest people to shop for. But Rob Dorsey, a father himself, as well as a resident and lover of Cleveland, has some practical advice on what dads are hoping for this Father’s Day. Rob had some great ideas for all sorts of dads out there, but especially the awesome dads living in Cleveland.

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Rob Dorsey has been a father for nearly a year and has some great ideas for Father’s Day gifts. Rob’s favorite Father’s Day gift so far was a simple wooden Ohio plaque with “The Dorseys” engraved on the front, which was perfect for Rob because it gave him a sense of home and family. He’s also looking forward to seeing what his son Jack comes up with on his own as he grows older, since he remembers getting his dad some pretty ridiculous gifts in his youth. Check out the gifts Rob suggests for Father’s Day in Cleveland this year.

Hair And Beard Pampering At Eddy’s Barbershop

One of Rob’s favorite places to go for a little pampering is Eddy’s Barbershop, located on the east and west side, so no Clevelander is left out of the loop. Personally, Rob regularly goes to Ryan Hardwick for his cuts, but he recommends any of the gents at either location for a hip haircut. And, if the father in your life isn’t keen on leaving the house for a little pampering, check out the line of products Eddy’s offers. Maybe a little pomade is just what your dad is hoping for!

Tattoo From An Artist At Addicted Body Art Studio

Rob is no stranger to tattoos, so it’s no surprise that he has a solid recommendation for the fathers out there looking to get inked. Addicted Body Art Studio is his preference, where Mark Shivey, Will Paul and Nate Tresise create custom designs for clients who leave their shop with some of the best body art in Cleveland. These three tattoo artists are some of the “most humble, talented artists in the city,” and are certainly worth checking out if dad is interested in tattoos.

Cleveland Art From Drew Walker Of Storyline Design

Storyline Design is a great place to start and finish your search for some art or upcycled furniture for dad. If the father in your life is a serious Cleveland lover or is just proud of Ohio in general, there’s a great handmade gift waiting for you at Storyline Design. Check out the artist’s Tumblr page for some great ideas and unique pieces.

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Dinner Or Brunch At The Black Pig

Is dad a whiskey and meat lover? Well, Rob knows his whiskey, so take his word for it and head to The Black Pig for dinner or brunch to see what this award-winning kitchen is all about! Chef Mike Nowak is a fellow Cleveland-based father with unmistakable talent. The crew butchers a pig every Wednesday for fresh and delicious eats, like coffee glazed short ribs and limited “weekly pig” specials like chili cheese pork rinds and pork and foie gras sausage.

Family Fun Or Alone Time

Rob also suggests a day of fun for dads. Go to the zoo, get lunch, go for a walk, anything with the entire family, followed by an evening of alone time. Send the kids to the grandparents’ house or hire a babysitter for the evening, then let dad relax with his significant other, or even by himself! Parents need a break, and Father’s Day is a great opportunity for one.

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Rob was just the guy for giving some tips on Father’s Day gifts, and he even ended his advice with a nice note to his wife and son:

“I couldn’t imagine doing anything without Amanda. She’s the best teammate a guy could have, and I wouldn’t be able to celebrate Father’s Day without her. So, thank you Amanda Rose Dorsey, I love you guys to the moon and back.”

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