A successful camping trip consists more of just throwing a tent and some firewood into the back of the truck and heading to the local camp site. Local outdoor shop expert, Tom Fabbro explains what the most important items are needed to ensure a successful and enjoyable camping trip in Cleveland. Cleveland is fortunate to have some of the best campgrounds in Ohio — including Findlay State Park, Portage Lakes State Park and West Branch — within a short drive. Enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature but do it in comfort.

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Tom Fabbro — one of the owners of The Backpackers Shop — prides himself in providing the best selection of quality camping and backpacking gear in Ohio. The Backpackers Shop was originally opened in 1966 by Fabbro’s grandfather and is still family owned and operated.

“Quality camping gear is something that will not only keep you comfortable in the outdoors, but it will also last a very long time. People who spend the money to get quality gear are much more likely to enjoy their experience in the outdoors and be comfortable,” said Fabbro. 

Not only does The Backpackers Shop offer everything related to camping, it offers everything needed for climbing, fly-fishing, boating, footwear and outdoor clothing. To help extend knowledge of the outdoors, take advantage of several classes The Backpackers Shop has to offer. Visit the website to learn about the classes or special outdoor enthusiasts events. 

“All of our employees are experts in aspect of the outdoors. For example, one of our employees hiked the 2,150 mile long Appalachian trail two years ago. When talking to our employees about gear, you will be sure to get expert advice from an experienced individual,” Fabbro continued.

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Pack A Good Quality Tent With A Rainfly

Staying dry and warm/cool when camping is the key to a successful camping trip. The Backpackers Shop offers the largest line of high quality tents in the area. From MSR, Hammer Head, Sierra Designs to North Face, find the tent that best fits the needs of your camping trip. Pick a tent that has a rainfly to ensure staying dry. The Backpackers Shop also offers quality sleeping bags to ensure a comfortable nights’ sleep. 

Pack A Good Quality Cooler To Keep Food Fresh

When camping, keeping food fresh and safe is always a concern and challenge. A quality cooler is key. The Backpackers Shop offers Yeti coolers, which are known for durability and ability to endure any climate. It has been specially designed for long lasting ice storage. Not only do Yeti coolers keep food safe inside, its durability style keeps animals out. 

Pack A Dutch Oven Or Cast-Iron Skillet  

A strong, sturdy dutch oven and/or cast-iron skillet allows a safe and delicious way to prepare food while camping. Utilizing smart camp fire knowledge is an important element when cooking on an open fire. If open fire is not your forte, enjoy the convenience of a Jetboil stove to warm the dutch oven or cast-iron skillet to a sizzle. 

Keep Mosquitoes Away By Packing A Thermacell

Mosquitoes zappers are a thing of the past. A safer and more effective method to control mosquitoes and black flies is by using a ThermaCell. ThermaCell is an inventive repellent system powered by butane cartridges that heat a chemically treated repellent mat. That mat then creates an odorless shield that covers an average of 225 square feet. ThermaCells can be found in forms from carrying devices to lanterns. Avoiding mosquito bits avoid the contraction of the West Nile Virus. 

Pack A Headlight For Hands-Free Light

Nighttime in the woods can be great while camping, as it allows to see all the stars you couldn’t see back in the city. However, with the night also comes the lack of visibility, making it difficult to rummage through your backpack or to walk around. Light is not just for the convenience of being able to see, but for safety. Whether walking to the restroom or finding firewood, hands-free lighting capability is a must. Free hands allows the ability to stabilize on uneven ground while walking and moving around. The Backpackers Shop offers many hands-free headlamps by Princeton Tec and other quality brands. 

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