(photo credit: morningside-farm.com)

(photo credit: morningside-farm.com)

With summer fast approaching, there is sure to be new life growing. With farmers this statement is most definitely true. Farmers base their whole lives around what they will be planting this season. This not only provides income for them but also provides a delicious product that people in the community enjoy. Now, many people have taking the idea of farming and done it in their homes on a smaller scale. Farmers at Morning Side Farm are a great resource for those who are looking to plant this season. Local farmer George Remington definitely has some tips and tricks for all learn.

George Remington
Morningside Farm
1075 State Road
Hinckley, OH 44233
(216) 406-6621

There are many vendors to choose from at a local farmers market. However, customers will push past many stands to get to Morningside Farm. At this stand, George and Mary Remington pride themselves on selling the best plants and freshest vegetables. They do this by growing their plants and produce organically. Using organic fertilizers really sets their products above the rest. Remington shares advices for new farmers who are looking to grow their gardens right.

Start Small
For those just starting out and maybe even some seasoned gardeners it is better to start off small. It is easier to maintain and correctly grow a small area rather than a larger one. For example, starting a small garden off on ones patio will be easier to take care of than one who takes on an entire yard. In fact, Remington states that “Patio Gardeners are his most popular customers.”

Work From The Soil Up
Another important thing to make sure to do is to use organic soil. Wondering where to get such a thing? Look no farther than the dirt already in the ground. This is the best soil to plant in as it does not contain chemicals and pesticides that can be worse for growing plants. It is better to use this organic and fully mineralized soil than Miracle Grow for instance.

Fertilize Right
It is best to use only organic fertilizers and pesticides. Many people use bug sprays in order to deter bugs from eating their fresh plants. Many of these products actually draw the bugs to these plants. Even though these plants may appear to be growing big and healthy, they are actually not. They are dying from the chemicals being put on them.

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Take Baby Steps

If you are looking to expand their garden it best to grow more than one thing a year. For example, if in the first year you plant carrots, you should plant carrots and beets the next year. This way, your experience growing carrots is already there and it is easier to introduce something new. However, keep in mind to do this on a small scale for those starting out.

Keep Growing
Remington also recommends growing all season long. He starts planting in March and ends in September. Plant what you like and plant it more than once. When planting, it is important to read the calendar times on the back of the packets. This will let gardeners know when they should plant certain things and about how long it will take for it to sprout.

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