Caroline Dengel brings an alternative way to shop in Cleveland. Who would have thought of buying fashionable clothes and accessories out of a mobile box truck? Dengel’s innovative approach to shopping and her eye for fashion brings a new way of shopping; she literally brings the clothes to you. When asked about her opinion on what trends have staying power into 2015, she quickly came up with five fashions that are guaranteed to help you stay young and fresh through the whole year. 

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Caroline Dengel is founder/operator and owner of The Wandering Wardrobe. For as long as she can remember, she wanted to be an entrepreneur. As an adult, she realized she has a strong passion for fashion. With her keen eye for all that makes women beautiful, she built a business that allows her to do what she likes and all the while, earn the respect of customers as well as build close and personal relationships with them.

She started selling vintage clothing online with the goal of saving enough money to start her own business. When she was researching a location for her new business, she felt like she was being stuck to one location which would limit her customer base. While speaking to a friend about her concerns, her friend sent her an article about fashion trucks and their success on the West Coast. She immediately knew that was the best fit for her.

“I’ve been very inspired by the women who shop in the truck. I love hearing about what they do and what they look for when they shop for clothes,” Dengel said. “Cleveland, as a city, is inspiring. Each neighborhood I take the truck to has a different ‘vibe’ and style, so I can always tailor what I carry that day.”

“I just started my business in May and have been super busy and am receiving wonderful feedback from customers,” Dengel said. “But I’m hoping by next spring and summer, I’ll have enough employees to be able to take a vacation. But I love what I do. It’s been a great way to get me started.”

Not only does Dengel have a love for fashion, but her creative mind extends to photography. She used to be a freelance photographer but now does it as a hobby. Now she takes photos of models that show off outfits from her wardrobe.

“In late November, I’m opening my first storefront location that will be open to the public,” Dengel continued. “This space will be great for the colder months since I’m putting the truck away until April. I can stay connected with current customers and hopefully meet some new ones.”

When talking about 2014 fashions that will still be trending in the upcoming year, she quickly answered by selecting the following items that are a sure thing.

Tip 1: Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts have been fashionable for office and casual wear since shortly after World War II. It was originally introduced on the market by Christian Dior in the 1940s and quickly became popular because the fabric that was originally used was cheap. Now, the traditional pencil skirts provide women with a slim fitting, long and lean look that is dressy with heals or more casual with flats. Whether printed, solid color or knitted, a good fitted pencil skirt can go from the office to an evening wear.

Tip 2: Wrap Dress

Who doesn’t remember having a wrap dress when younger? They are a timeless and classic outfit that is good for any age or body shape. Wrap dresses can be worn for a tight fit or as loose as you would like. It is a great cover-up for a swimsuit or workout clothes. They are airy and usually made out of wrinkle-free materials, making it a low-maintenance piece of clothing.

Tip 3: Pendant Necklace

“I think this is something a lot of people are missing in their ‘jewelry wardrobe’ and could really make a difference,” Dengel said. “A long necklace with a simple pendant can make an outfit and elongate your neck and torso with the right top or dress.” Pendants can be found in many places and can be as unique as the woman wearing it. Whether it be a big and bright pendant or a simple, small charm, finding something perfect is made easy at The Wandering Wardrobe.

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Tip 4: Color-Blocked Garments

Color-block is a name brand garment with class. Anything color-block will do: dresses, tops, tees, sweaters or more. Color-block pieces can be a fun way to mix up colors and patterns. The cut of the garments can also be very flattering no matter the woman’s body type or shape.

Tip 5: Woven Purses and Clutches

Another classic style! “I’ve seen a lot of cross-woven bags this year in just about every color like black, brown, maroon and even mustard yellow,” Dengel recalls. “Depending on the style of the bag, it can be the perfect accessory to a bohemian outfit or even a cocktail dress.” An outfit is never complete without the perfect accessories and a purse or a clutch is a must.

Caroline Dengel also offers private parties. If customers have a driveway and need to shop, she can be there.

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