Aren’t we all clamoring for spring? With its sunnier skies, soft breezes and gentle buds and blooms it will be the much needed respite from a long, harsh winter. Spring fashion is as exciting as warmer temperatures; new colors, shapes and fabrics replace the comfy wool and chunky sweaters that were so appealing in November. Jennifer Field, an expert in the fashion industry, is going to kindly walk us through the latest spring fashion trends and tips; including accessories like sunglasses, so that pesky spring sun isn’t always in our eyes!

Jennifer Field
Senior District Manager and New Store Operator Manager
Abercrombie & Fitch

Jennifer Field has worked in the fashion industry for more than 10 years. She’s traveled the U.S. and Canada, lived abroad in Paris and a little closer, in Toronto, all for the love of work. As a Senior District Manager and New Store Operator Manager in France, Field is the perfect person for tipping us off on the spring trends for 2015. This spring has a little something for everyone; tip No. 1 is get ready for excitement!

Gather New Spring Trends

One of the biggest spring trends is the changing fabrics; from denim to chiffon, fabric is everything, says Field. Denim dresses are popping up everywhere, a spring trend easy to embrace, as these dresses are comfortable enough for the young and modern carefree girls or moms on the playground. Simplicity in fabrics is also key; black and white ballet inspired pieces are being shown off- in flowing dresses to wrap sweaters. Jennifer says to be on the look out for more structured, military inspired pieces in solid fabrics, but with amazing details like double-breasted buttons or utility pockets. It’s a buyer’s paradise in the stores this spring.

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Invest In A Specific Piece Of Spring Clothing

Jennifer advises investing in a specific piece of spring clothing that can translate into your summer and fall wardrobe, too. Take, for example, the military jacket. With its formal structure and solid color, it can top a simple jeans and tee-shirt combo or accentuate a floral summer dress. Working well with the stripes and floral patterns we’ll be seeing this spring, the military jacket or blazer is a great investment. Jennifer Field has me convinced!

Accessories Matter 

Spring fashion doesn’t stop with skirts and shorts though, as its accessories will keep you on your toes. The judo-style wrap belt, wrapped twice around the waist and worn long is so inspired for spring. In a number of fabrics and lengths; leather or gross-grain, patterned or solid colored; these belts will define a waist, and woman. They’re not attached to the clothing so a judo-style belt can cross into many different outfits. Don’t be afraid to try a new spring fashion trend as simple and outstanding as this bold accessory. And speaking of bold accessories, Jennifer thinks your purses and bags will stay structured and roomy, a perfect complement to the bold patterns you’ll be seeing in the stores.

Spring fashion is stimulating this year; from gingham to stripes, to bell-bottoms and 70’s style suede; there’s something for everyone! Jennifer Field is an expert in the fashion arena, visiting runways from Coach to Michael Kors, Bottega Vaneta to Valentino; so when she says “vertical stripes are perfect for the black and white color combination you’ll see this spring.” You can be sure you’ve heard it from an authority on the subject! Enjoy flirting with spring fashion this year; there are so many styles and colors – why commit to just one!

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