Local Clevelander and business shop owner, Sarah Berdiel gives tips on the upcoming fashion trends for the summer. “A woman will always have her staples- the perfect black dress, favorite accessories, and hot pair of shoes. But, there will always be new and exciting items ready for the upcoming season,” said Berdiel, co-owner and founder of Sweet Caroline Boutique. Berdiel grew up and graduated in Parma Heights. After graduation, she ventured out into the world, moving to Scottsdale, Arizona for warmer weather. But, when missing her family became overwhelming, she moved back home and found her love of fashion by starting an online boutique.

“As a business owner, I look at social media, Pinterest and Pantone to see what new patterns will be a “must have” and what colors are going to be a big hit for the upcoming season. If I see something from a supplier that I like, I buy it,” she said.

Sarah Berdiel
Sweet Caroline Boutique
6265 Pearl Road
Parma Heights, OH 44130
440) 340-5771

After two years of successful online sales, Sweet Caroline Boutique had outgrown the current space. So, in 2015, Berdiel opened a storefront in her hometown. “The best part of owning this business is working with my family and creating a brand that I’m proud of. I have something for everyone including children, men and women,” she said.

“No matter where I’ve been, Cleveland people are one-of-a-kind. You’ll never see a sense of community or loyalty as you do in a Cleveland. Being a small part of this community is amazing for me and my family. We love the reception Sweet Caroline has been given from the community and look forward to many years to come.”

Even though, Berdiel would love to see the party dress from the 1950’s make a return into fashion this summer, here are the five fashion statements she believes will be hot this season. Sweet Caroline Boutique hosts two semi-annual sales to offer great savings to customers. The sales are in March and September. Like her shop on Facebook for VIP details on all contests, sales, or other special events.

Bright And Fun 

Men, women, children- brighter the better. From shorts, capris, tops, jackets, t-shirts, etc. from brilliant greens, blues, yellows and just anything bright will be the biggest hit of the summer. But, it’s not just clothing that keeps the spirit bright and crisp, but also bright and fun accessories such as a stylish bright necklace, dangly earrings, dangly sun hat, large sunglasses, or even a simple baseball hat with a bright hair tie. Whatever you decide to wear, the idea will be bright, bright, bright and colorful. The goal is to have fun.

Florals And Lace

The one thing about fashion, especially women’s fashion is the more girly the better. So, what say girly better than floral and lace? These two will be the next hottest trend – separately or even together. Textures and color makes for a sensational outfit as well as a fashion statement.

Wedges And Chunky

Wedged and chunky heals are the perfect accent to any outfit and will be the biggest and most stylish hit this summer. Wearing them with shorts, capris, skirts, dresses and jeans will add class and fun to each and every outfit no matter the occasion. Why not step out of the box and instead of picking the classic brown and black shoes, pick bright pink, classic orange or sky blue? Show the world you still have it.

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Graphic Tees

Sweet Caroline Boutique understands the importance of having a personalized tee that not only expresses your personality but also is as different from any other shirt seen before. Berdiel creates screen printed graphics in-house for a unique and fun twist to the hottest items for every season. Tees are perfect for any occasion and can be easily dressed up or remain casual.

Mint, Lavender, Coral

Mint, lavender, and coral colored clothing- for men, women and children, will be flying off the shelves this summer season. Finding these brilliant colors will not be limited to just shirts and jackets but also to pants, jeans, socks and jewelry. The point of the season is to be bold, creative, mix and match and just have fun with it all.

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