Best Bars With Games In Cleveland

August 2, 2012 6:00 AM

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Sure, your days of playing beer pong in a claustrophobic dorm room are over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a drink and some friendly games. From shot deciding game boards to classics like Monopoly, these Cleveland watering holes serve the refreshments you’re looking for and the fun and games that aren’t just reserved for nostalgia any more.
blindpig Best Bars With Games In Cleveland


The Blind Pig
1228 W 6th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
(216) 621-0001

The Blind Pig, one of Cleveland’s favorite sports bars in the Warehouse District, has 86 types of beer to choose from and features bottle service with private seating and VIP service. Patrons will find televisions to watch the big game on and an atmosphere that breeds fun. But what does this West 6th attraction have that others don’t, as far as games go? A “The Price is Right”-style Plinko board designed to help you choose what shot to do, of course. Drinko Plinko is a unique and fun way to make that tough decision and interact with the other bar-goers and the bartender. Just plink and then drink!

stonemadbocce Best Bars With Games In Cleveland

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Stone Mad Pub
1306 W 65th St.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 281-6500

Stone Mad Pub isn’t your typical bar. It has a beautiful interior that strives for (and achieves) the classy pub look that so many fail to even attempt. With beautiful glass ornaments, a small but refined menu, and a patio to brag about, no one could mistake this pub for a dive bar. Stone Mad Pub is a prime example of what an Irish pub should be and serves up traditional pub fare as well as some different treats, like the El Diablo pizza or the creamy mascarpone polenta side. Grab a beer and head to the bocce ball court for some traditional bocce entertainment. This pub is actually known for its bocce ball court. Despite the Irish pub theme, food and drink, this is your go-to for the classic Italian bocce ball fun; why wouldn’t you come here for some live music, good eats and bocce?

happydog Best Bars With Games In Cleveland


Happy Dog
5801 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 651-9474

Happy Dog is a great unique gem that Cleveland can boast as one of its best. Think you have mad trivia skills? Head to Happy Dog on Monday nights for some trivia fun and a hot dog like no other. The hot dog list features 50 toppings for your wiener and includes vegetarian options so everyone can enjoy the fun! But what’s a hot dog without some french fries or tater tots? They also have some great dipping sauces for your choice of potato side. Grab a beer (good luck making a decision from their impressively long list) and settle in for some trivia fun. Not the trivia type? Bring your master trivia friends and slink over to the vintage pinball machine for some different entertainment of your own.

nowthatsclassarcade Best Bars With Games In Cleveland


Now That’s Class
11213 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 221-8576

Now That’s Class will change the way you look at dive bars forever. This treasure is a bar that will make you want to keep coming back. If you’re into old school fun and games, check out this dive’s selection of rarities and entertainment. They boast original sit down Donkey Kong, a 1967 pinball machine and an arcade classics machine, all free for gaming patrons. The bar also has two outdoor patios and two stages for live music, as well as a skateboard ramp for those so inclined. If playing the jukebox is more your style, check out the selection or ask about the 8-track player at the end of the bar. And, for the tough guys (and gals), they have an arm wrestling table, but you have to ask your friendly bartender first. With so many options, Now That’s Class sounds less like a bar and more like a grown up amusement park.

abcthetavern Best Bars With Games In Cleveland


ABC Tavern
1872 W 25th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 861-3857

ABC Tavern is a regular little bar with some fantastic bar food. Known for its “Atomic Dog,” ABC knows how to give people what they want: food, drink and some unique fun. Near the front of the bar, you’ll find an old “bar bowling” machine. Instead of going to a bowling alley and having a brew or two, come to the bar and play a frame or two. If machine games aren’t your thing, head upstairs for some good old fashioned pool and a great view of the bar.

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thebottlehouse Best Bars With Games In Cleveland

(credit: The BottleHouse/Facebook)

The BottleHouse Brewing Company
2050 Lee Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
(216) 214-2120

The BottleHouse, a recent addition to the Cedar Lee area, is a great little brewery that flaunts something special. Aside from crafting their own bubbly brews, they also allow customers to schedule a brewing date during which they can brew on the premises. The bar is quaint and the patio area outside is pleasant. Serving only Perla Pierogies and beer, The BottleHouse is BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) and the Touch Supper Club food truck serves food around the corner every Friday and Saturday. But, the real oddity at this bar is the selection of board games. Guests are encouraged to choose a favorite board game and relax with a group of friends, old and new. So pick up some takeout, head to The BrewHouse and settle in for a nice long game of Risk.

timewarpbar Best Bars With Games In Cleveland


Time Warp Bar
26261 Center Ridge Road
Westlake, OH 44118
(440) 871-8463

Time Warp Bar is a great place to get together with friends on any night of the week. With a great happy hour, 17 HD TVs and KENO, everyone can find something to do. But, wait – every night boasts a different event. Mondays are arcade nights with a cash prize, Tuesdays are Keno nights, and most important of them all are Wednesdays: beer pong challenge nights. You get one throw against the bartender and a potential 50 percent off of your bill. If you’re up to the challenge, definitely check out Time Warp Bar.

If you’re into playing games, whether they’re new or old, stop by any of these locations scattered about the Cleveland area and challenge your friends—or make some new ones.

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