When looking for a puppy or dog for the family, for protection or as a companion, researching breeders can help in the search. Here are five of the best breeders in the Cleveland area. With a range of smaller dogs like Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Morkies and Shitzus, medium sized dogs like the South African Boerboels and Dalmations, or larger dogs like Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds, these breeders offer many options to help a person or family find the right fit. Be sure to check the breeders credentials and be sure to get the dog’s lineage.

Wendt Worth Corgis
7443 Tilby Road
North Royalton, OH 44133
(440) 653-1859

Wendy L. Wendt is the owner of Wendt Worth Corgis, where she breeds champion pedigree Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Her dogs live in the house with her and are tested to be sure they meet the standards of a healthy Corgi and live up to their champion pedigree. Her veterinarian is AKC registered and Wendt has a kennel license which assures her kennel is kept up and follows guidelines since the county, city and the AKC are allowed to inspect at any time. She feeds the puppies a healthy diet, de-worms and vaccinates the puppies and potty trains them, with most being trained by seven weeks. She is very selective about who takes one of her Corgis home to be sure that the dog is matched with the right person or family.

Broomfield Goldens
24 Ellenwood Ave.
Bedford, OH 44146
(440) 735-0605
Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the United States and Broomfield Goldens breeds high quality golden retriever puppies from their champion sires. The dogs are raised and live in the Broomfield’s home. Their sires have many honors, including: American Champion, Stud Dog Hall of Fame, Working Certificate of Excellence, among others. They also have met all of the standards for Golden Retrievers set by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Their sires pedigree is listed right on the Broomfield Goldens website and they are expecting new litters this spring and summer.

Bogner Acres 
6353 Dewey Road
Thompson, OH 44060
(440) 298-3089

When Don and Beth Bogner bought Bogner Acres almost 30 years ago in Geauga County, 20 acres of land about 45 miles east of Cleveland, it was to raise their children. They also found themselves breeding puppies. Dalmations, Maltese, Standard Poodles, Morkies, Shitzu mixes and Labradoodles breed just a few select litters on their property each year. All of their dogs are registered Continental Kennel Club (CKC), and the Standard Poodles are registered AKC. They will not sell to puppy brokers, pet stores or someone looking to resell their puppy.

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Locherie Kennels
778 E. 200th St.
Cleveland, OH 44119
(216) 692-3522

Locherie Kennels breeds AKC German Shepherds. Trish Sansbury is the owner of Locherie Kennels and has over 30 years experience working with dogs. She has worked mainly with German Shepherds for over 25 years. Her German Shepherds are Schutzhund titled, which means they are tested for breed worthiness through tracking, obedience and protection. Sansbury trains and tests her dogs herself and also breeds dogs with great temperaments that are great for living with families.

Ohio Boerboels
12205 Superior Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44106
(216) 244-2088

Jordan Pittman is the owner of Ohio Boerboels in Cleveland. The South African Boerboels are raised in his home by everyone in his family and are fed a special diet of raw meat and fresh vegetables. His dogs meet AKC and SABT (South African Boerboel Breeders Association) standards. Ohio Boerboels website is filled with information on South African Boerboels to help educate potential customers of the needs, characteristics and history of this breed. Pittman does warn that this breed is not for everyone.

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Marcia Hudgel is a writer, yoga teacher, wife, mother to her animals and aunt to 10 nieces and nephews living in Cleveland, OH. She writes about family, animals. Her work can be found on Examiner.com.