Best Ceviche In Cleveland

September 30, 2015 8:00 AM

Ceviche is fast becoming one of the most popular dishes in Latin and seafood restaurants across America, and for good reason. The combination of fresh fish in various citrus juices is not only delicious, it is also lite and healthy fare. Cleveland has caught ceviche fever as well, and more and more venues are offering this perfect savory treat. Let’s take a look at a few locations that offer ceviche that will please your taste buds and leave you enough energy to salsa the night away.

Pier W
12700 Lake Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 228-2255

As with most everything they serve, the ceviche at Pier W is as good as it gets. Longtime one of the top seafood restaurants in all of Ohio, Pier W serves a fresh scallop citrus ceviche that would be the envy of any Latin restaurant in New York or Seattle.

Pier W’s ceviche starts with the traditional lime-based sauce, but adds a heavy dose of orange as well, and the mixture is perfect. Radishes and cilantro make up the basis for the rest of the dish, which should please the most discerning ceviche lover.

Restaurant Europa
30519 Pinetree Road
Pepper Pike, OH 44124
(216) 591-1273

Restaurant Europa is one of the finest European inspired restaurants in northeastern Ohio. While well-known for its live music and designer cocktails, one aspect of the establishment that is growing more popular every week is its ceviche bar–which offers the widest variety of ceviche in the area.

Everything from salmon ceviche in soy sauce to mahi mahi in red pepper and onion to perch with mango and jalapenos is available at the bargain price of less than $10—with some as low as $5.50. The halibut ceviche with onion and avocado is worth the trip by itself.

The Nauti Mermaid
1378 W. 6th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 771-6175

In addition to its catchy name, the Nauti Mermaid offers some of the freshest seafood in all of Cleveland. Unlike many other restaurants, the Mermaid offers only one kind of ceviche, but it is unique and spectacular.

The Nauti Mermaid’s ceviche is made with conch, and the shellfish recipe does not disappoint. The conch’s unique flavor is enhanced by an extremely tart lime sauce and the tart taste is cut by a healthy offering of pico de gallo and avocado. If you like shell fish, you’ll love this ceviche.

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Luchita’s Mexican Restaurant
3456 W. 117th St.
Cleveland, OH 44111
(216) 252-1169

Luchita’s is the most traditional of Mexican restaurants on this list. If you want a great taco after your awesome ceviche, it’s the place to go.

Luchita’s serves two types of ceviche, and both are excellent. The shrimp ceviche utilizes a lime juice and tomatoes recipe, which is not only delicious, but also goes well with just about anything else on the large and varied menu. For the more daring, the calamari ceviche with onions and jalapeños will make the cerveza not only tastier, but necessary.

Paladar Latin Kitchen And Rum Bar
28601 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 900
Woodmere, OH 44122
(216) 896-9020

Paladar serves three different types of ceviche to go along with their traditional Cuban and Caribbean menu– and all are top-notch.

The best is the mixed seafood ceviche, which combines calamari, snapper and shrimp in a unique sauce that is traditionally tart, but with enough sweetness to make it different and delicious. Unlike most other ceviche dishes, the mixed seafood offering leaves an unusually mild aftertaste. The tilapia and avocado ceviche is more traditional, but still has a twist–a crunchy peanut topping that is simply outstanding.

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