Artist share their creations in a unique way through displaying their work in cafes, restaurants and resale businesses to expand their market and expand spectators enjoyment. Cleveland embraces its residents’ creative side and allows them to paint the city with brilliant blues, ravishing reds and more. Settle down in a cozy cafe surrounded by inspirational art and walk into a resale shop and see products of perfection. Find your favorite piece while exploring Cleveland in a new light.

(Photo credit: Martijn Beekman/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Martijn Beekman/AFP/Getty Images)

Artefino Art Gallery Cafe
1900 Superior Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 830-1400
www.artefineogallery.comArtefino is a great place to gather with friends for a catch-up session, blind date or a business meeting while sipping on a steaming hot cup of tea or a rich cup of coffee. Enjoy the rhythm of the perfectly selected music and an atmosphere that can only be found at Artefino. Not only does this cafe offer great sandwiches, a variety of drinks and free wifi, it also displays work from local artists that are for sale and change on a monthly basis. The change brings new light to the cafe and creates a new atmosphere, making it feel like a new cafe every time.

Bloomin’ Resale Shop & Art Gallery
11027 Magnolia Drive
Cleveland, OH 44106
(216) 721-3030

Take the best of two things and put them together to make one great shop. Shop for resale items like a gently used, unique area rug or a special glass object that brings back memories of grandma. Find something new with the latest local art displayed. From original paintings and drawings to photography and sculptures, find what inspires your path in life. Can’t find something one day? Go back the next for a new display.

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Erie Island Coffee
19300 Detroit Ave.
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 333-3333

Enjoy the northern Italian-style coffee which is a blend of five different coffee beans. There is none other like it around. Feel at home with the friendly staff at Erie Island Coffee Co. Employees put their heart and soul into the establishment of this great coffee shop. Enjoy a hot cup of soup or a cold delicious sandwich while surrounded by beautiful pieces of work from local artists. Inspired by the Great Lakes and the rushing water, Erie Island Coffee Co. is the best place to be by the sea.

Fat Cats
2061 W. 10th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 579-0200

Fat Cats is a groovy and funky cafe that offers more than just fun, it is also a place to hang out and be surrounded by inspiration. Go alone or as a big group because Fat Cats is best for any size party. On the second Friday of each month, Fat Cats offers an art walk to spotlight local artists as well as feature artwork throughout the cafe, intertwined with great food, drinks and friendly atmosphere. Looking for a new favorite place? Welcome Fat Cats into your weekly routine.

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Gypsy Beans & Baking Company
6425 Detroit Ave,
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 939-9009

Deep in the heart of the Gordon Square Arts District lies a European coffee house that beckons visitors of all walks of life. Settle down and enjoy the colorful display of local art and a delicious cup of tea, a delightful pastry or a scrumptious chicken sandwich. The owners of Gypsy Cafe are great supporters of the arts and encourage inspirational attitudes. Be welcomed in the most friendly sense and spend a delightful morning, afternoon or evening enjoying the company of wanderers and residents while people watching and develop a unique type of inspiration to create the next art display.

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