Best Cleveland Foodies to Follow On Twitter

September 5, 2012 2:00 PM

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You follow them around; peek around restaurant corners, sniff them out, show up where they like to hang out: You’re a groupie with a serious need for foodies. If you’re in Cleveland and looking for the most delicious eats, wondering where to go for brunch or looking for culinary inspiration, look no further than Twitter. Following your favorite foodies, blogs, chefs and food trucks on Twitter is the easiest way to find the yummiest food every day. Cleveland boasts some of the most interesting food blogs, chefs and food trucks to follow on Twitter perfect for keeping you current on openings, closings, locations and unlimited delightful foodstuff adventures in this splendid city.

Twitter works in two ways: within your community and on a global level. A Twitter account lets you share your most important happenings with those who care about you or find you interesting. It also opens you up to opportunities to follow people and groups you find interesting. The greatest part is that you don’t have to tweet to be a part of Twitter: You may choose to only receive updates and enjoy the information. If you’re a foodie, it’s likely you can’t help but share your best finds, even if your hands are full of fresh groceries or you’re at a table in the most popular restaurant.

dimanddensum Best Cleveland Foodies to Follow On Twitter

Dim and den Sum

Paving the way for food trucks in Cleveland Dim and den Sum has had more success in two years than some restaurants have in 20. Chef Chris Hodgson’s food garners national recognition: He’s featured on the Food Network, has competed against Michael Symon for the Silver Spoon Award, and the popularity of the food truck Dim and den Sum demanded another truck, Hodge Podge, and a restaurant. Dim and den Sum serves the famous PBLT sandwich: pork, bacon, lettuce and tomato as well as fish tacos and vegetarian chili. The best part is the seasonings: fennel, smoked gouda, Sriracha aioli.

sweetcupcake Best Cleveland Foodies to Follow On Twitter

Sweet! The Mobile Cupcakery

Sweet! The Mobil Cupcakery has that lunch-time sweet tooth covered. A food truck with a mission — to bring the best cupcakes to you — this little truck provides perfect desserts. The Mobile Cupcakery also caters, so find your favorites and snag them for your special occasions. The cupcake flavors are something of dreams: pink lemonade, chocolate malt and wedding cake.

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um truck Best Cleveland Foodies to Follow On Twitter

Umami Moto

Umami Moto brings Asian foods to the streets of Cleveland and diners couldn’t be happier. Cleveland craves pad Thai, potstickers and curry after sampling Umami Moto’s famous creations. Famous is an understatement. Cleveland almost lost out on Umami Moto: The owners Jae Stulock and Sandy Madachik were headed west before one final shot at setting up shop in Cleveland. Pull yourself away from the Asian-fusion-style sandwiches for one second to thank your lucky stars they stayed.

michellev Best Cleveland Foodies to Follow On Twitter

The Cleveland Foodie

The Cleveland Foodie blog, written by Michelle Venorsky, tweets about everything from where she’s eating to the most updated information on food events in the Cleveland area. The blog goes back for years and the restaurant list is long as she continuously visits most markets, eateries and events more than twice. Her archived articles are a godsend for newbies looking for information on anything from kids cooking classes to Le Colonial.

cfb logo Best Cleveland Foodies to Follow On Twitter

Cleveland Food and Brew

Cleveland is undoubtedly a Midwest city that pushes food boundaries, and Brad Gillette from the food blog Cleveland Food and Brew celebrates the greatness of Midwest eating in Cleveland, Columbus and Chicago. Not only does Gillette muse about the food of his liking but he pairs it with beers, beer sites and food sites like a master chef. His links to restaurant reviews, craft beers and Sunday suppers are more helpful than dinner advice from your mother.

paulrados Best Cleveland Foodies to Follow On Twitter

Paul Rados

Chef Paul Rados exemplifies the definition of foodie and then some. Paul Rados writes for Yahoo! Contributor Network on everything from food and wine to local and regional sports. As a former chef, his food advice is to be trusted, and his experience in culinary arts and dietary management promises in-depth coverage of the best and worst Cleveland eateries.

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