The community garden in your town shouldn’t be overlooked. Here is a spot of land and a group of committed people who seed, fertilize, water, weed and tend to plants that can feed you family, your friends, and your community. If gardening has always been your passion, but your backyard is smaller than a mailbox, think about your community garden.
The Community Gardens Of Shaker Heights
3623 Rolliston Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44120
(216) 236-4769

The community of Shaker Heights grows and grows with their community garden. Bringing volunteers and service people together, the Community Gardens of Shaker Heights are magnificently maintained this time of year. On Rolliston Road more than 30 raised beds, 4’x10’, provide ample growing space for families and businesses to make a garden of their own choosing. “Lasagna” beds are the typical way of growing plants, vegetables and flowers. “Lasagna” style meaning organic compost is built up year after year, needing no tilling or work from the gardeners themselves. This is perfect for the newbie looking to try their hand or an older couple who want the joys of gardening with a minimal amount of fuss. Turn to the Community Gardens of Shaker Heights for an amazing spring, summer and fall gardening experience; the profits are yours — all the fruits and vegetables you can eat.

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Ben Franklin Community Garden
2339 Broadview Road
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 459-1000

The Ben Franklin Community Garden is a growing machine! It offers more than 200 garden plots to more than 180 growers right behind a well-established Cleveland elementary school — the Ben Franklin Elementary School. Step inside the Ben Franklin Community Garden and you’ll find a children’s garden, a perennial garden and a demonstration garden. The Ohio State University Extension program provides assistance to gardeners and seeds are provided by the OSU Extension program and the City of Cleveland’s Summer Sprout program. What makes the Ben Franklin Community Garden so memorable is the bounty of the garden. So enormous is the amount of vegetables, fruits and flowers produced that the gardeners make generous donations to local food banks all season. Garden plots are offered to seasoned “professional” gardeners first, then a wait-list is produced. Don’t let it get to that, get a space in the community garden of Ben Franklin and watch summer slip away while butterflies float by.

Lakewood “LEAF” Community Garden
LEAF Community PO Box 770374
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 367-2834

The LEAF Community Gardens in Lakewood are newer to the scene than others, becoming well established in 2007, but just like all gardens, LEAF is alive and thriving in the Lakewood community. Various plots, around 150, of 10’ x 10’ have been established in various parks and plots of land and the rewards are contagious. Enjoy family bonding time over gardening, playing in one of Lakewood’s numerous parks, having healthy food available at the ready for your family, joining a group of like-minded individuals for bartering and trading the excess from garden growth. If the LEAF Community in Lakewood sounds like something you’d love to be a part, contact the LEAF Community for your plot of land today.

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