Crème brulée is a simple custard made delicious with easy ingredients. But do not suspect that making crème brulée is simple or for the masses. Crème brulée is the combination speed and patience; it may take only fifteen minutes to whip up the ingredients but it will take at least 45 minutes to cook and two hours to cool this delicious dessert. It’s a combination of creamy custard and hardened sugar that makes it heavenly and worth looking for. If you need a dessert that speaks to your sweet and savory side crème brulée is just, and the best is here in Cleveland.
Wine Bar In Rocky River
1313 Linda St.
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 799-4300

The Wine Bar in Rocky River has the most amazing wine list, the most amazing outdoor seating area – surrounded by white twinkling lights while you sip chardonnay under the stars (ok, the city lights! But you get my idea). It’s no wonder it has the most amazing crème brulee to finish their menu, which includes entrees like crab stuffed trout and appetizers like tuna tartar cones. The Wine Bar has weekly and seasonal crème brulee – a variety much like their wine list; vanilla, chocolate with berries, cinnamon you’ll never get bored. Stop into the Wine Bar in Rocky River for a simple nightcap and a remarkable dessert.

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Cedar Creek Grille
2101 Richmond Rd.
Beachwood, Oh 44122
(216) 342-5177

The Cedar Creek Grille in Beachwood has an extensive menu to choose from. With all the outstanding options like slow roasted pork ribs or the mahi-mahi fish sandwich, spicy with homemade tartar sauce, you think they wouldn’t have time for the best desserts around, but they do! The Cedar Creek Grille has a classic crème brulee you must try! Creamy and sweet with a crackling shell of sugar. When you’re finished shopping relax at the Cedar Creek Grille for dinner and dessert.

Washington Place Bistro & Inn
2203 Cornell Rd.
Cleveland, Oh 44106
(216) 791-6500

A bed and breakfast and one of the best new restaurants in Cleveland? Have you heard of such a place? Well the Washington Place Bistro and Inn is such an anomaly and rightfully so. They manage to offer a sweet yet totally modern inn space in Little Italy and have a delightful bistro serving its patrons and customers. The crème brulee at the Washington Place Bistro and Inn is inspired; a combination of vanilla and maple that can remind you of the warmth of spring or the cozy night of winter. It’s such a warm dessert it’s impossible to pass by without trying!

Le Petit Triangle Café
1881 Fulton Rd.
Cleveland, Oh 44113
(216) 281-1881

Le Petite Triangle Café is a gem of a restaurant. Perhaps not the most well-known in Cleveland, it keeps its doors open to new patrons, enticing them with the best like the crème brulee. Creative touches in flavor like pumpkin crème brulee are delightful in the fall, and look forward to additional flavors in the spring and summer such as mixed berries, lemon crème brulee or a zesty orange flavor. Le Petite Triangle Café can keep experimenting with flavor as long as they keep producing that delicious and amazing dessert called crème brulee.

1350 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 858-1000

Are you out on the town in Cleveland? Seeing plays or Broadway musicals so funny they make you cry and laugh all at the same time? Like the creamy custard and crispy sugary topped crème brulée the theater district will have you feeling all the emotions. Step into the District for a crème brulée worth staying downtown for. Two petite crème brulées are served sandwiching a mixed berry compote, balancing the flavors of sweet and tart. Enjoy the show and try the District for an after dinner drink and dessert, both the show and dessert being the best in Cleveland.

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