(photo credit: putinbayparasail.com)

(photo credit: putinbayparasail.com)

Whether craving an adventure of a lifetime or striving for the fountain of youth through exciting alternative methods, Cleveland offers only the best in flying adventures. Soar through the air while parasailing, make a smooth landing while gliding safely to the ground, hover over the fascinating landscape of Cleveland, scour the skies while whipping over skyscrapers or take a terrifying yet exhilarating jump from an airplane while free falling toward the safety of the ground. Enjoy these fascinating adventurous operations.

Put In Bay Parasail

341 Bayview Ave.
South Bass Island, OH 43456
(419) 285-3703

Relish the beauty of Lake Erie while parasailing. Put In Bay Parasail is a short ferry ride from the mainland and is located on the dock of Boardwalk restaurant near downtown. Rides are prioritized as first come first served, so arriving early is recommended. Parasailing is fun and exciting for any age or ability, and swimming is not even a requirement. Soar over 300 feet above the lake and enjoy the beautiful view.

Fun Makers, INC.
66 N. Villageview Road
Tallmadge, OH 44278
(330) 633-3288

Enjoy an adventure of a lifetime and relish the beauty of what Cleveland has to offer with a colorful hot air balloon ride. Experience the sway of the woven basket beneath your shoes, the gentle breeze kissing across your face and the smallness of the ground below. Listen to the roar and force of the fire power lifting the basket higher and higher in the air. Drift over streams, lakes and countrysides and witness the freedom of the wilderness. Fun Makers are dedicated to making air travel fun and memorable.

Cleveland Soaring Society
814 S. Prospect Ave.
Hartville, OH 44632
(440) 941-4277

Be escorted in the air by a licensed qualified pilot with a glider. After being provided with complete instructions and the proper air flow, the tow glider will be released allowing the flyer to glide through the air and have a free spirit. Wind and glide through the peaceful air and experience silence that is not possible on the ground. Cleveland Soaring offers flights from 3,000 feet that last approximately 15 to 20 minutes after released. Because gliding success is based mainly on air flow, rides are weather permitted.

Precision Helicopter

Burke Lakefront Airport, Gate #5
1601 N. Marginal Road
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 566-7433

Get the Hollywood feeling in Cleveland by taking a chopper in the sky. Whether it be for sight seeing or taking aerial photos of the city, Precision offers a professional guide for a different view of the wonderful sky and an uncanny view of the stars. Feel the thrill of whipping through the tree tops and overhead buildings. Each trip is unique and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Precision prides itself in professionalism and the safety of its helicopters.

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TopFun Skydiving

State Route 62
Westville Lake, OH 44672
(330) 428-0584

Skydiving is not for everyone, but for the thrill seekers, this is something that will kick the energy in high gear. With a knowledgeable crew, TopFun will provide in-depth jumping instructions prior to taking off in the plane to ensure a safe and enjoyable landing. Beginners will start with a tandem free-fall jump. A solo jump requires additional instructions and practice. Soaring over 10,500 feet in the air, a free-fall jump takes approximately 45-50 seconds to reach the ground. Topfun Skydiving also offers static line jumps, tandem courses and solo jumps. Spectators are welcome and photographs are available.

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