The future is a mystery and the unknown can often be scary. Throughout history, individuals have sought out the advice of fortune tellers. From traveling gypsies to the ever popular crystal ball vision of the old days, fortune tellers used to have a reputation of being swindlers and shysters without an ability to know the future. There was a time when people with true abilities were shunned and outcasts. But now, we embrace psychics, palm readers, spiritual leaders, mediums/clairvoyants and more. These individuals have abilities that are extraordinary and exceptional and finding the best is easy in the Cleveland area.

(Photo Credit: Fox Photos/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Psychic Readings by Angelina 
4486 Broadview Drive
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 832-8469

Take a journey with Angelina as she looks deep into the future to help direct life away from danger and keep it on track for goodness and happiness. She uses the modern techniques of palm reading, which is as individual as each customer. She is a spiritual teacher, using her skills as a medium/clairvoyant to help people through transitions and help them come to a spiritual understanding of life in general. Let her guidance lead you to the happiness that is your future.

Psychic Healer Christine
4623 W. 41st St.
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 785-9733

Are you in the middle of a troubled relationship? Does life seem crazy and you need guidance to get back on track? Did you lose a loved one that you’d like to speak to again? Let Christine lead you on the path to a happy life. Use her psychic abilities to connect with a loved one and help give that stale relationship the sparkle it needs. “Soul to Soul Intuitive Advice to Empower You to Change Your Life” is Christine’s motto. Enter into a world of wonder with tarot consultations and receive a free astrology or numerology report and take home the possibility of the unknown.

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Sabrina Astrology
4999 Turney Road
Cleveland, OH 44125
(216) 365-3865

Nestled in the suburbs of Garfield Heights, Sabrina takes her customers to a world of enchantment with visions of the future. From tarot card readings to palm readings, Sabrina Astrology is a one-stop psychic guidance center. It offers healing from loss, guidance and awareness of life’s path that should be avoided or diverted. Get back on track by learning how to find the love, happiness, fun and passion in life. And leave the plastic at home because Sabrina Astrology only accepts cash.

Earth Mothers: A Metaphysical Boutique
113 W. Liberty St.
Medina, OH 44256
(330) 952-2499

Earth Mothers: A Metaphysical Boutique is designed to help anyone get in touch with their soul, spirit and body. Become aware of everything that makes you tick by utilizing the skills and knowledge of members of the staff. Earth Mothers offers spiritual guidance, tarot cards, psychic intuitive readings and palm readings by a variety of talented psychics, mediums, life coaches and more on a weekly basis. Check its schedule for special events.

Psychic Tarot Readings by Loany
E. 12th St.
Cleveland, OH 44114
(616) 893-2491

Loany is a natural-born psychic with special gifts that she gives to clients through reading tarot or other cards. Her intuition is so strong that many times there is no need for cards; her spirit guides tell her everything before she even touches the cards. She begins with a basic exploratory tarot card reading which leads to an oracle reading to give more detailed advice from her spirit guides. She is also a reiki master promoting stress reduction and relaxation through universal energy or “life force energy.” Get a whole spiritual experience for the soul and body.

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