True golf lovers don’t let the cold, wet, dead of winter keep them from doing the thing they love the most — they find alternative ways to play. Years ago, golf lovers would schedule out-of-state golf outings with friends and families to places such as Myrtle Beach, Florida’s Keys or the heart of Texas. Cleveland heard their residents cries, and now offers some of the latest and greatest in indoor driving ranges. These are some of the best ranges to keep golf lover’s swings top notch throughout the winter or rainy days.
Stonebrook Driving Range 
7599 Pearl Road
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
(440) 891-5999 

Stonebrook is one of the most beautiful indoor/outdoor driving ranges in the Cleveland area. It has everything a golfer is looking for. From a relaxing day in the hitting station, a lesson course for improvement, or a tall cold one and a burger at the end of a crazy week, this range is the place to be. Stonebrook has 36 indoor/outdoor driving ranges, so waiting in line is not an issue. Selected driving ranges are heated in the winter months. Keep in shape with the delicious meals created by the chef in the club restaurant anytime of the day.

The Golf Dome
8198 E. Washington St.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
(440) 543-1211

A dome isn’t for everyone, especially Stephen King’s Dome. But this dome doesn’t keep people in, just encourages people to stay inside. This dome gives some people the inspiration to get out and do what they love — golf. So, now instead of going out-of-state trips, men and women are staying home, even in the snowy season, to play golf close to home. Even though it might be frightening outside, inside the dome it’s nice and toasty. This unique piece of paradise offers more than just indoor driving ranges; it offers something for the whole family — indoor sports, mini golf, golf lessons and simulators. What more could a golf lover want in an arena?

Lost Nation Sports 

38630 Jet Center Drive
Willoughby, OH 44094
(440) 602-4000

Enjoy 18 rounds of golf without moving three inches away from the tee. Yes, that’s right. It’s called virtual golf on the big screen. This indoor driving range offers a state-of-the-art teeing area that doesn’t even require a real golf ball, so no need to worry about losing balls. With special laser and sensors, this experience is as close to real thing as it can be. Get stuck in the rough, balls in ponds, stuck in trees, or even hit squirrels (by accident of course). To schedule a tee time, contact Dan Naderer. Lost Nation Sports offers golf leagues and golf tournament for ones who want to participate. Besides golf, this facility offers indoor everything sports. From basketball to Zumba, this area offers a ton of activities for all. Make Lost Nation Sports the one-stop activity area for the whole family.

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Creekside Golf Dome
1300 N. State St.
Girard, OH 44420
(330) 545-5000

Creekside Golf Dome offers 60,000 square feet of domed golfing space for its driving range with green turf to create the feel of the great outdoors. Not only does this golfing heaven offer the best in golfing space under a dome, but it also offers golfing simulation for those wanting to experience a realistic golfing outing or perhaps improve a swinging skill, teeing skill or something new. Want to learn the sport of golfing? No fuss. Creekside Golf offers some of the most experienced golfers in the area. Golf lessons are offered in groups or privately. Just contact the golf club to schedule a convenient date and time.

Bunker Hill Golf Course
Indoor Golf at Bunker Hill
3060 Pearl Road
Medina, OH 44256
330) 722-4174

General Manager Chase Pinchot has taken this golf course to the next level by offering indoor driving ranges in the heart of Medina. Bunker Hill began in the 20s as just farm land. It was owned by someone who had fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill during the Revolutionary War. Yes, the land has been around as long as can be remembered, but the land has never been as beautiful as it is today. Under new ownership, the Bunker Farm has been transformed into an oasis for golf lovers. From indoor to outdoor golfing, Bunker Hill Golf Course is the place to begin your golfing experience. During the winter months, Bunker Hill offers indoor golfing leagues to keep the hips and swing from getting rusty.

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