Summer is the time that landscapers are running at full force. Landscapers are hard at work sculpturing businesses, perfecting residential areas, beautifying the city and making Cleveland a perfect place to be. Landscaping is an art and finding a professional, talented landscaper can be difficult. If you’re looking for someone to trim bushes, weed flower beds, revitalize the yard or plant trees and flowers, these Cleveland landscapers can help you with even the hardest jobs.

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Down To Earth Landscaping
12750 Broadway Ave.
Garfield Heights, OH 44125
(216) 518-1804

Down to Earth Landscaping has grown to be the largest landscaping company in the Northwest of Ohio. Its growth is testament of its excellent customer service. Down to Earth employs talented individuals that pride themselves on their communication skills. From custom pools and fountains to patios and backyard wonderlands, this landscaping company can bring your dreams to reality.

Eastside Landscaping, Inc.
572 Trebisky Road
South Euclid, OH 44143
(216) 381-0070

Eastside Landscaping specializes in services to the Eastside of Cleveland. It is a full service landscaping company that offers its talents not only in the summer but throughout the year. Landscaping doesn’t stop in the summer but maintaining the yard is ongoing. With over 24 years of service, Eastside Landscaping knows that the attention to detail makes all the difference in good quality or a rushed job. It prides itself in knowing what the customers want and provides its services at the best possible rate.

Valley View Landscape
13515 Tinkers Creek Road
Valley View, OH 44125
(216) 524-6956

Valley View Landscape has been in business since the 1970s. The company has developed strong bonds with its customers and enjoys welcoming new customers to its family owned “family.” From sprinklers to ponds and patios to the simple things in the yard, everything can be perfected by these professionals. Making your home as beautiful as possible is the goal of landscaping company. Let Valley View Landscaping redesign your dwelling by making your property a place of envy.

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McKnight Association Landscape Architecture
812 Huron Road
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 771-1800

McKnight Association Landscape Architecture is more than just a residential landscaping company. It is a company that builds dreams. It designs not only residential homes, but also parks, stadiums and university campus gardens. The landscapers consider many factors regarding the property before designing the perfect space. The company earns high marks for listening to individual homeowners’ needs and then tailoring each project to the site.

Baron Landscaping
9620 Hillside Road
Independence, OH 44131
(216) 643-2000

Customers rave about the customer service Baron Landscaping and return year after year. Baron Landscaping offers a five year warranty on services and plants. That is something that is hard to find with other landscaping companies. Baron’s can bring personality to every nugget of the outdoors. Specialize your property with the creative eye of Baron Landscaping.

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