While it’s best known for its many natural wonders, being home to the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame and the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers, America’s Comeback City also has a thriving restaurant scene. Vacationers and residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding places to eat for lunch and dinner. The CLE also has more than a few cafés, delis and taverns that specialize in create grade-A breakfast and brunch fare. Specifically, Cleveland is a great place to find exotic, unconventional and appetizing omelets.
Lucky’s Cafe
777 Starkweather Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 622-7773

Regarded by critics and residents as the best place to get brunch in Northeast Ohio, Lucky’s Café boasts a delectable omelet menu. The Omelette V is a veggie delight that features spinach, mushrooms, zucchini and white cheddar. The café also offers a tasty vegan option with its Canoewreck V, which is made with curried tofu, hash browns, brewer’s yeast and selection of seasonal vegetables. However, Lucky’s best omelet is the Shipwreck, which blends cheddar cheese, veggies, hash browns and bacon.

XYZ The Tavern
6419 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 706-1104

Located in the middle of Gordon Square, XYZ is a fantastic place to while away a comfortable weekend afternoon with some close friends. In addition to featuring a wide array of craft beers, spirits and excellent lunch and dinner options, the tavern also offers a scrumptious brunch menu. Traditional Cleveland favorites like corn beef hash and eggs Benedict are available, as are more modern selections such as chicken and waffles. However, the centerpiece of XYZ’s brunch offerings is its veggie and meat lovers omelets, the latter of which features a hearty combination bacon, sausage and cheddar cheese.

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34205 Chagrin Blvd.
Moreland Hills, OH 44022
(216) 464-3700

Flour has established itself as one of the best restaurants in the Cleveland culinary scene because of its commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and its innovative offerings. For instance, while the restaurant ostensibly specializes in Italian food, it’s brunch menu features things like Nutella French toast and smoked barbecued brisket. Flour’s delicious omelets also reflect it natural style. It’s pleasingly exotic veggie omelet includes mushrooms, red onion, Swiss cheese and shishito peppers while its standard variety is made with arugula, ham and provolone that has been aged to perfection.

Joe’s Deli & Restaurant 
19215 Hilliard Blvd.
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 333-7890

Since 1977, Joe’s Deli & Restaurant is 60 for the Cleveland situation with its family-friendly atmosphere and stupendous as a selection of deli sandwiches. However, locals may not be aware of the fact that Joe’s is also heaven for omelet lovers. Of the six varieties of the classic egg dish restaurant has available, its standouts include a Western omelet made with smoked ham, onions and green, red and yellow peppers as well as its corned beef omelet. And for those seeking something a little, Joe’s Greek omelet, made with feta cheese, spinach, red onions, black olives and roasted red peppers is highly recommended.

Grumpy’s Cafe 
2621 W. 14th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 241-5025

Grumpy’s Café kick started the Tremont restaurant resurgence in the late 1990s with its and laid back aesthetic and mouthwatering assortment of old-school comfort food. Chief among it savory and satisfying offerings is its 13 item omelet menu. Meat lovers will likely fall love with its Morning After omelet, a ten egg beast filled with chorizo, sausage, bacon, peppers, onions, gravy and Cajun home fries. Health-conscious patrons will slip for Dar’s Omelette, which made with spinach, egg whites, cheddar cheese, mushrooms and broccoli. And anyone seeking to give their palette a workout will want to try the jambalaya omelet, a bold and flavorful dish that contains chicken, andouille sausage, ham, shrimp, American cheese and rice in creole sauce.

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