Looking for something exciting and different to do this year? What about horseback riding? Saddling up on a horse is something that is usually forgotten, but horseback riding is something that is great for the family, friends or even alone. It’s a day that can be spent enjoying nature, see places that cannot be traveled by car or hiking, and just enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle, away from the electronics and other distractions. When looking for a great and affordable horse stable that offers horseback riding in Cleveland, riders never have to look very far. Horses are a passion of Cleveland and they are a part of the culture.
Cessna Stables, Inc.
7651 Friendsville Road
Medina, OH 44254
(330) 461-2318

Horseback riding is not just for the group that takes some strange horses through lush woods and slim trails, but also getting to know the horse and developing a relationship with the creature. Learning everything about the animal is just as important as knowing everything about any other sport you’re willing to try. For that, Cessna Stables, Inc. is one of the greatest locations around Cleveland. Located on a beautiful farm, horses are the main focus of this ranch. Keeping the horses happy and healthy is as important as teaching riders everything needed to have a wonderful experience with the horses.

Sutton Stables
45311 Webster Road
Wellington, OH 44090
(440) 773-1378

Sutton Stables is a family owned horse farm that is based on love; not just love for one another, but a love of horses too. Its offers some of the greatest stables for horse boarding and a wonderful location for horseback riding at its facility. It’s a wonderful “home” for the horses and home for their owners. Bring the family, friends or others to share your love of the horses and share the beauty of the Sutton Stables property. This stable offers over 20 acres of land with lush wooded areas and indoor and outdoor arenas for any kind of enjoyment. Visit anytime and never find this stable anything but the cleanest facility; making the visit even more enjoyable.

Rocky River Stables
19901 Puritas Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44135
(216) 267-2525

Everything about Rocky River is beautiful, but visiting Rocky River Stables brings a new meaning to beauty. Experiencing nature up close and personal makes the biggest difference. Situated in Heaven’s glory, Rocky River Stable is where the world of horses comes together. From learning to ride to enjoying horses in a Rocky River festival, this establishment also offers therapeutic riding lessons for those disabled or rehabing. Horses have been found to cure a lot of what ails us. Enjoy horse shows, classes, fundraisers, group lessons, marathons and more when horseback riding with Rocky River Stables. It also offers boarding at very reasonable rates and promise to treat your horse just like it was its own.

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Maypine Flagship
32700 White Road
Willoughby Hills, OH 44092
(440) 944-3652

Maypine Flagship is the most prestigious facility in Cleveland. It takes horseback riding to the next level and they take the art of riding seriously. They are known to shape some of the best riders and provide some of the best riding lessons in the area. To bring back the fun of horseback riding, Maypine Flagship brings summer camp to a new stage. A week of spending summer with not only friends, but a beloved horse as well. Starting off the morning in the stables and ending the night hanging up the reigns before heading for chow will feel like the best week in childhood. Maypine Flagship is the perfect place to build childhood memories riding horses and finding friends that will last for a lifetime.

The Stables At Chappel Creek Farm
12911 Florence Wakeman Road
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
(440) 949-9016

The Stables at Chappel Creek Farm is a third generation horse riding stable on more than 60 acres of private land. The property has woods, clean trails, streams and more to help enjoy the a day of riding on the back of a beautiful, strong and massive animal. Whether looking for a small, medium or large horse to learn to ride, this farm will have the variety you love. This farm offers all the tools for a rider, either professional or recreational. Being the best rider is not always important, but having fun and being happy is the most important thing. So, saddle up and find the bliss with a wonderful horse during a nice horse back ride.

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