A wedding is a time of happiness and renewal. It’s a time when two people come together to start a life together. With a wedding comes gifts and congratulations. But, there’s no need to worry about what to get the bride and groom for the wedding gift. Cleveland is full of possibilities and uniquely wonderful gifts for that special someone. From custom furniture to a silly book, Cleveland offers a variety of choices for the newlyweds.

Soulcraft Woodshop (Credit, Danielle Coots)

Soulcraft Woodshop
3619 Walton Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 644-0955

Soulcraft Woodshop offers uniquely designed furniture, including tables, clocks, chairs and whatever else the imagination can devise. Getting a specialized gift gives a personalized touch to the gift and brings a sense of treasure to both the bride and the groom. Working with some of the best wood makers, getting the perfect gift has never been easier. Contact the woodshop with a design idea or visit the shop to browse items already made and for sale. Each piece is as unique as the next. Show new love the same inspiration.

Hedges Designs, Inc. (Credit, Danielle Coots)

Hedges Designs, Inc. 
13 N. Franklin St.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
(440) 247-2344

Hedges Designs is the perfect place for any sort of gift imaginable. From jewelry to candles, there is something special to find here. Find the perfect wedding gift charm for a Pandora bracelet or necklace for the bride. Find a distinguished book of wisdom for the groom. From shelf to shelf and from table to table, a perfect gift is a touch away. Ask the assistance of any knowledgeable associate for a beautiful gift wrapping to seal the promise of love.

Gems Boutique (Credit, Danielle Coots)

Gems Boutique
530 Euclid Ave.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
(216) 621-5657

If you’re looking for a perfect home furnishing gift, find a perfect lamp shade or candlesticks at Gems Boutique. The selection is abundant and the meaning is suggested. Having a cozy home is where a warm, happy heart lives. From scented candles to a nice piece of simple furniture, Gems Boutique can help find the perfect gift for the bride and groom. If the perfect gift doesn’t pop out, ask for assistance and an idea will spring.

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John Robert’s Studio (Credit, Danielle Coots)

John Robert’s Studio
89 N. Main St.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
(216) 839-4850

A wedding day and events surrounding the big day can be stressful for all. John Robert’s Studio is all about relaxation and feeling as beautiful as possible. Give the gift of beauty and relaxation with a couples spa, massages, full body relaxation treatment or just a simple hair cut and color or maybe a splash of color on the nails. This is a great gift for a man or woman, family and friends.

Fireside Book Store (Credit, Danielle Coots

Fireside Book Shop
29 N. Franklin St.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
(440) 247-4050

Some say books are falling by the wayside, but at Fireside Book Shop, books are the only things that matter. Picking up a book takes the reader to another world, makes readers wise and teaches new experiences and techniques for any passion. Whether learning how to cook for the new spouse or learning the right pressure points of the body, Fireside Book Shop offers the books needed for any phase of life. Along with books, Fireside offers other novelties that make reading even more exciting. This shop is not only charming but quaint and personable. Finding the perfect gift here is a sure thing.

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