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Looking for quality pieces of art or furniture for a home, or maybe even an excellent piece of jewelry can at times be stressful and expensive. However, there are many local boutiques that can aid in this endeavor. These shops are easier to get to than most people realize. In addition to shops, there are also several restaurants and coffee shops that sell local art, furniture and jewelry pieces. Many of these places also offer these things at affordable prices. Best of all, the money one spends at these places goes directly to these local artists and shops.

Grumpy’s Cafe
2621 W. 14th St.
Tremont, OH 44113
(216) 241-5025

Grumpy’s Café, a newly renovated restaurant that serves American and South Western cuisine, also displays artwork from local artists. Customers here enjoy great art with delicious food. This café is unique in the fact that the artwork on the walls may actually be purchased at affordable prices. The money made from this goes directly to the local artists who made it, allowing buyers to support local business in two ways while they shop.

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Gypsy Beans and Baking Café
6425 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 939-9009

This local coffee shop in The Gordon Square District of Cleveland offers unique and tasty flavors of coffees, lattes and pastries. What is even more special is that Gypsy Beans sells mugs that are made by local artists. Like Grumpy’s, the money made from selling the mugs goes directly to the local artist that created them. This café also includes a table of brochures and pamphlets with information on local art shows and other events in the community.

Duo Home
6507 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 651-4411

Duo Home offers interior design services for both residential home or commercial business. In addition to some of the area’s top design services, Duo hom offers home furnishings, art pieces and even post cards at affordable prices for the quality. Expect top-notch services and ample access to green options as staff here walks you through your local art and design options.

Algebra Tea House
2136 Murry Hill Road
Cleveland, OH 44106
(216) 421-9007

Algebra Tea House, like Gypsy Beans, offers plenty of choices in both teas and artwork. Enjoy more than 18 kinds of teas as well as coffees, fresh fruit smoothies and a food menu. What makes this place different is that all of the plates, furniture and art were made by the owner himself, and are all for sale. Also snag local jewelry perfect for gifts or finishing off that outfit that needed a little flair.

Lake Erie Artists Gallery
13129 Shaker Square
Cleveland, OH 44120
(216) 752-9960

Lake Erie Artists Gallery may offer the most choices of all, with 392 local artists’ collections to choose from. From black and white photos to jewelry and ceramics peruse for hours knowing you’ll leave with high-quality art by local artists at affordable prices. Many pieces here are also customizable. This gallery also offers classes in photography, jewelry making and beading, making it easy to customize your own piece.

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