If you’re looking for a place to relax, clear your mind and get the fifteen of meditative peace you need to start the day than look no further. Cleveland, with its availability to expansive green spaces and its melting pot people, has access to amazing places to meditate. Whether you like the indoor quiet or surrounding yourself in nature there’s a place to meditate that you’ll love in Cleveland
Cleveland Shambhala Meditation Center
17309 Madison Ave
Lakewood Oh 44107
(216) 236-5090

For more than 20 years the Shambhala Meditation Center in Lakewood, and now a new facility just opened April 2016 in Shaker Heights, has been gently guiding people through meditative practices individually and in group settings. You can stop in on Tuesdays and join the group meditation or seek out “The Way of Shambhala” a teaching course on meditative practices; daily, weekly and life long

Solstice Steps In Lakewood Park
14532 Lake Ave
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 529-5697

In the fall of 2015 Lakewood Park open the Solstice Steps, a grand and sturdy walkable concrete staircase nestled in the hillside that overlooks Lake Erie. These stairs are long enough to hug more than half the hillside, rise up in a set of 5 tiers, each tier containing 4 steps 3 feet wide and are a smooth, matte grey perfect for reflecting the setting sun. The Solstice Steps are serene haven for those looking to gather a peaceful moment through meditation and relaxation.

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Songtsen Gampo Buddhist Center Of Cleveland
3546 W. 98th St
Cleveland, Oh 44112
(216) 320-9589

In the heart of Cleveland lies a peaceful temple dedicated to the art of meditation; the Songtsen Gampo Buddhist Center of Cleveland. Meditation can be completed in a group setting at the temple or you can join the leaders of the SGBC in areas such as the Cleveland Museum of Art and meditate in the galleries. Children’s meditation courses are offered and you can make lifelong friends at the Songtsen Gampo Buddhist Center of Cleveland when you attend the monthly “Tsok” gatherings; a time and place of peaceful gatherings to empower each other. If you’re looking to begin the journey of meditation the Songtsen Gampo Buddhist Center of Cleveland is a wonderful start.

Cuyahoga National Valley

If you’re well-versed in meditation; i.e. you can find inner peace in the middle of chaos than why not upgrade your meditation to a truly divine setting – the Cuyahoga National Valley. Over 32,000 acres of tree filled beauty along with waterfalls, caves and trails for the visitors to enjoy. No matter where you walk in, the Buckeye Trail, near Brandywine Falls or in the Summit County Bike and Hike Trail you can find a spot to lay a blanket, rest your legs and quiet your mind. The Cuyahoga National Valley is the perfect spot for outdoor meditation.

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