Best Resources For Homeschool Families In Cleveland

January 18, 2013 8:00 AM

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The freedom of homeschooling allows for more intensive hands-on education, but sometimes lacks the social aspect. By utilizing group activities, students get a chance to meet other students with similar beliefs and interests. Empower your students to live outside of the box and explore all of the wonders of the world. These, Cleveland’s finest homeschooling resources, support groups provide information regarding fundraisers, field trips, networking, play dates and much more. 

Holy Family Catholic Homeschoolers 
6930 Parma Park Blvd. 
Parma Heights, OH 44130

Price: $12 membership 

Join a support system that helps develop the social aspect of education. Enjoy a support group among peers of similar beliefs and expectations with a program that provides support as well as sporting events and clubs to enhance students’ horizons. The group also organizes special field trips, which ensure positive growth in inspiring aspects of life. Let the kids mingle with peers during special arranged, chaperoned dances and other social events. With a great support system, students may be schooled at home but they will never feel socially abandoned. Register online to join the support group.

United Skates of America, Inc. 
Home School Skate 

3155 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44104
(216) 420-8821

Price: $1 to $5

Take advantage of a unique and motivating way to socialize your homeschool student. United Skates of America is a skating rink that encourages families to think about teaching in a different light. United Skates of America offers a home school field trip program that helps students bring the fun back to subjects that are at times found to be boring. Mixed with teaching and skating, students are sure to love this venue. Along with learning, students mingle with other students and develop long-lasting friendships. This program is only available weekdays.

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The Cleveland Museum of Art
11150 East Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44106
(216) 421-7350

Price: free admission/$100 classes

Students may explore this inspirational art gallery and learn the history and wonders of art all while homeschool parents bond. From touring the museum to taking part of special educational and art classes, students and educators will leave with a new appreciation of the arts, such as paintings, sculptures and impressions. All programs are in accordance with the state curriculum, making this an ideal location to organize your next homeschool meetup.

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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
3900 Wildlife Way
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 661-6500

Price: $6 to $15

Learn hands on how animals fly and why reptiles are rough and scratchy. Learn how fish breath or how elephants sweat. The Cleveland Zoo recently began a new homeschooling program providing resources and a curriculum for homeschool families. Visit every month to enjoy special monthly programs. Beginning in the Rain Forest, students explore the Amazon and wind through the the zoo to experience the fierce roar of Alaskan bears. Steer away from the traditional textbooks and experience nature first hand.

Ohio Home Educators Network

Price: free membership

This homeschooling support group offers support to families in the Northeast Ohio region. Ohio Home Educators is organized and run solely by volunteers. It offers support for families and students of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. This organization provides guidance about homeschooling forms and procedures, and offers monthly educational information meetings, monthly newsletters, and a yahoo-based message center and support group.

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