Spring beers are often fruity, light and hoppy. These flavors are a great way to break free of the heavy, malty and spicy elements you find in winter beers and to prep for the light and refreshing summer brews. Ales and saisons dominate spring beer menus, easing up on the palate after all of the heavy hitters of the winter season. Head out to a local Cleveland brewery or bar and try one of its brews, or choose a well known seasonal. Who knows? You might even get to enjoy your beverage on a patio if the weather cooperates!
Holy Moses White Ale
Great Lakes Brewing Company
2516 Market Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 771-4404

When many people think of Cleveland beer, they automatically think of Great Lakes Brewing Company, with good reason. GLBC has an interesting and varied selection of brews that people celebrate upon release. Head to the GLBC brewery on the quaint Market Avenue for a Holy Moses White Ale this spring. This Belgian ale is spicy, with orange, chamomile and coriander for a light flavor. And luckily, while you’re at the brewery, you can get a perfect meal pairing!

Bumble Berry Honey Blueberry Ale
Fat Head’s Brewery
24581 Lorain Road
North Olmsted, OH 44070
(440) 801-1001

Don’t let this beer fool you. The addition of honey and blueberry doesn’t mean it’s going to be sickeningly sweet. The ale itself is refreshing and slightly malty, with a strong blueberry scent. The sweet honey and blueberry kick in at the end and finish off the beer with a light fruit flavor that enhances drinkability and really steers you clear of the winter doldrums. Enjoy this one at the brewery for a great local adventure.

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Bell’s Oberon Ale
ABC the Tavern
11434 Uptown Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44106
(216) 721-1511

ABC the Tavern is a perfect place to enjoy a Bell’s Oberon Ale. This beer is a classic marker for the beginning of the spring season, released in March and available for the next six (hopefully warm) months. Oberon is a slightly hoppy wheat ale with a bright, citrus note to compliment the hops and make for some easy spring drinking. Head out to the Uptown patio for some sunshine while you sip this one; it’ll bring dreams of soon-to-be summer.

Victory Swing Session Saison
The Wine Spot
2271 Lee Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
(216) 342-3623

The Wine Spot in Cleveland Heights is likely to have whatever you’re looking for, no matter what time of the year. So when you’re seeking a refreshing saison, make sure you check this place out. The Victory Swing Session Saison is a full flavor beer with session drinkability. Perfect for those crisp spring evenings when you’re looking for a refreshing beverage with a kick, you can pick up a six pack at The Wine Spot, settle into a comfortable couch for a drink or sit on the sidewalk patio and watch people emerge as the weather lightens up.

Dogfish Head Aprihop
Forage Public House
14600 Detroit Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 226-2000

Aprihop is a hoppy citrus delight, perfect for a refreshing spring drink. This American IPA is a great choice if you like hoppy brews but want to experiment with some fruity options in the springtime. Forage Public House is a great place to explore new brews, as the craft beer list is always rotating with the season and full of options for every palate. The food menu is equally as delicious, so you’ll be able to find the perfect pairing for this hoppy apricot IPA.

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