Peanut butter and jelly just not cutting it anymore for lunch? Well Cleveland has some of the best veggie sandwiches for lunch, dinner or brunch. They’ll keep you full and refreshed so you can keep working the day away. Veggie sandwiches are more than just cucumbers on toast; there’s a whole new world out there filled with seasoned vegetables and spicy condiments to keep the taste buds happy.
Herb ‘n Twine Sandwich Co.
4309 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 465-9600

Herb ’n Twine in Ohio City is a simple shop with exciting options in sandwiches ready for the taking. A great veggie sandwich made from local ingredients and served with soup or a side salad is the best Cleveland has to offer. Take home the “Vegetable” sandwich for a light meal. Tucked inside are baby beets, bean sprouts, pickled onions, roasted peppers, crunchy cucumbers and smeared with herbed goat cheese. It’s a truly delicious option for the days you’re looking to keep things delicious and simple.

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Earth Bistro Cafe
11122 Clifton Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44102

Earth Bistro Café is all about the freshest local ingredients combined to tempt you into side dishes, desserts, and appetizers. When talking about sandwiches though Earth Bistro Café has is made. If you can pass up the Kalamata olive tapenade or the Caribbean style guacamole than a veggie sandwich is waiting for you. Have you tried potato pierogis with sautéed onions, melted Swiss cheese on a ciabatta roll? Now’s your chance.

Falafel Café
11365 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44106
(216) 229-9540

Pita sandwiches are not the norm, but they should be! It’s a sandwich that’s so easy to hold, the contents remain intact and there isn’t too much bread to overwhelm the vegetables or meat. The Falafel Café has the exact pita sandwich you’ve been looking for. The lentil veggie pita with radishes, carrots, cucumbers and tangy house dressing is both filling and refreshing. Trade the lentils for hummus and you’ve still got a great lunch option. The Falafel Café is such a great place to stop by and grab a bite and go.

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Tommy’s Restaurant
1824 Coventry Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
(216) 321-7757

Tommy’s Restaurant always has the best vegetarian options for entrees, sandwiches, whatever you’re looking for. When you’re feeling adventurous try the most interesting veggie sandwich on the menu called the “AJ Wrap.” Tucked inside the whole wheat wrap is a black bean chili with brown rice and veggies finished with pickles and lettuce. So intriguing! Even better when paired with Tommy’s dirty chips and salsa. Head to Tommy’s Restaurant on Cleveland’s east side for a dish you won’t forget!

Munch A Simple Kitchen
28500 Miles Road
Solon, OH 44139
(216) 231-0922

Munch A Simple Kitchen is serving vegetarian, vegan and all other heathy entrees, appetizer and side dishes you could ask for. If a quick veggie sandwich will hold you over than look to “Papa’s Portobello.” Wrapped in whole wheat you’ll find Portobello mushrooms marinated with spices and garlic served with more mushrooms sautéed with red onions and finished with a spicy mayo. If that’s not filling enough, then try the “P.B.B. and G” also known as peanut butter, bananas and grapes. The grapes are an exciting and crispy addition to another wise simple sandwich. There’s no beating Munch when it comes to exciting lunch options.

Marissa Burke is a happily adventurous wife, mother and runner. Living in Lakewood, Ohio she searches neighboring communities for exciting food and drinks that are good and good for you in the Cleveland area. Her work can be found at