Visions of the welcoming sunshine, cool refreshing poolside parties and cookouts fill the mind when thinking of summer. Envisioning the search for the perfect swimsuit might not be something so exciting. End the stressful chore of searching for a swimsuit by seeking the help of one of the finest swimsuit shops in Cleveland. Cleveland’s most popular swimsuit shop owner, Marcia Winfield offers tips from years of experience to ensure a a purchase of a swimsuit that not only flatters special body types but compliments the soul.

Photo Credit: California Imports

Photo Credit: California Imports

Marcia Winfield

California Imports
1935 Mentor Ave.
Painesville, OH 44077
(440) 357-6330

Marcia Winfield began helping women and men become knowledgeable in swimwear in 1985. Her colorful shop brings the ocean feel to Cleveland. She began with a dream of celebrating the differences between body types. Her goal to bring uplifting fun to her clientele is evident  as smiling women and men exit her establishment. 

“Women hate shopping for swimwear. We take the dread out. The biggest problem most of women face is getting the tops to fit. We specialize in the hard to fit women and our suits go G cups. We have suits that hold it all in and that camouflage the trouble spots. We accentuate the positives while minimizing the negatives. Our Fit Specialists works one on one with women to ensure that they get a perfect fit,” Winfield said.

Photo Credit: California Imports

Photo Credit: California Imports

Purchase A Swimsuit That Fits Your Body Type

No two women’s bodies are the same and every women has complaints about something on her body. To find the swimsuit that is best for your body type, use these simple tips. For small busted-woman, find a swimsuit that has a padded bra and one that has a bright pattern with some decorative trim. For fuller-busted women, find a swimsuit with wider straps and fuller coverage around the bust area, find solid colors or small prints. For thick waisted women, find a one-piece swimsuit with V-shaped waistbands or skirted bottoms and tankini tops in solid dark colors.

Seek Out Specialty Stores That Can Help

Some swimwear companies use their own fit and size models and they vary from company to company. California Imports Fit Specialists are trained both in-house and by the various manufacturer’s representatives to know exactly the cut of swimsuit that will be best for any body type. California Imports offers choices of a different cuts and styles to allow variety. Yes, going to a chain store is easy, but indulge in the pampering of a specialized service. 

Allow Plenty Of Time For Shopping

It takes time and patience to find the perfect swimsuit. Leave the kids home, leave errands for later and leave plenty of time for only you. Take advantage of the choices and options. Try on at least three swimsuits. If making a decision gets tough, don’t fret — just purchase them all. 

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Photo Credit: California Imports

Photo Credit: California Imports

Purchase A Quality Swimsuit That Maximizes Serviceability

Buying a high-quality swimsuit provides peace of mind that a wardrobe malfunction will not occur while swimming. Purchase a swimsuit that fits with the ways you’ll use it. If you’re just going tanning, the construction of the suit may not be as important. But, if you’re swimming often in chlorinated water, a polyester suit will be necessary. California Imports offers high-quality suits such as Helen Mare, Beach Cities Exit and Sunsets. 

Be Kind To Yourself

Most women focus on flaws that no one else notices. Instead of focusing on the negatives, focus on the positive. Have a small bust, focus on the long, lean legs. Have large bust, focus on the small waist. Use the positive attributes to enhance the flaws. 

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