KDKA's Jon Delano reports on a Pittsburgh area startup that will design a local Mission Control with lunar modules and more.

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Reporter Update: Jon Delano - AstroboticsKDKA's Jon Delano reports on a Pittsburgh area startup that will design a local Mission Control with lunar modules and more.
Meghan Schiller - Reporter Update: Central Valley BullyingA video is circulating around social media of a 9th grade girl being bullied at Central Valley High School. KDKA's Meghan Schiller reports.
Reporter Update: Chris Hoffman - High School Coach Reacts To Steelers IncidentKDKA's Chris Hoffman talked to a local high school football coach about the impact that Thursday night's Steelers - Browns game could have on youth players who look up to pro athletes.
Lindsay Ward - Reporter Update; Fox Chapel School DIstrict ThreatA bomb threat was made against the Fox Chapel High School overnight. KDKA's Lindsay Ward reports on how the school and students are reacting.
Kidsburgh Kidcast: Bullying AdviceBullying is a serious problem for a lot of kids, and many schools are addressing it. But the conversation should also happen at home with parents and kids. KDKA's Kristine Sorensen talks with a local principal about bullying and what parents can do about it. Here's the edited conversation between Kristine and Molly O'Malley-Argueta, principal of Allegheny Traditional Academy in Pittsburgh Public Schools.
Reporter Update: Lisa Washington - Bigelow Boulevard WorkA 9-month project will renovate Bigelow Boulevard between Forbes and Fifth Avenues in Oakland. KDKA's Lisa Washington reports.
Reporter Update: Bob Allen - High School Cell Phone BanA local school is banning cell phone use during the school day. KDKA's Bob Allen explains.
Reporter Update: Chris Hoffman - Westinghouse High School FightKDKA's Chris Hoffman reports on a fight at Westinghouse High School that left at least one staff member injured.
Marching Band Director Shocked By Halftime ProposalAn assistant band director from Butler County got an emotional surprise when her boyfriend snuck down the 50-yard line to propose!
Reporter Update: Amy Wadas - WPIAL Decision On Soccer ControversyNeither Connellsville or Taylor Allderdice will be punished by the WPIAL after accusations of slurs being used during soccer games. KDKA's Amy Wadas explains.
Reporter Update: Shelby Cassesse - Pitt Sexual Assault SurveyThe chancellor at the University of Pittsburgh says they need to do more to prevent sexual assault or support victims. KDKA's Shelby Cassesse reports.
Reporter Update; KDKA - Connellsville & Allderdice Soccer MeetingTwo local soccer teams are accusing each other of using racial and homophobic slurs. KDKA's Meghan Schiller Explains
Kidsburgh Kidcast: Talking About School ShootingsIt's a sensitive and uncomfortable topic... How do you discuss school shootings with your kids? KDKA's Kristine Sorensen talks with parenting expert Dr. Debi Gilboa in this week's Kidsburgh Kidcast.
Reporter Update: Amy Wadas - Bethel Park School BeatingA student was allegedly beat up by multiple other students while on student property. KDKA's Amy Wadas reports.
Amy Wadas - Reporter Update: Active Shooter TrainingKDKA's Amy Wadas reports on police taking part in active shooter training at a school in Turtle Creek.
Reporter Update: Amy Wadas - School SecurityKDKA's Amy Wadas reports on the new security measures at a local high school, and how District Attorney Stephen Zappala is reacting.
Reporter Update: Rick Dayton - World Smile DayKDKA's Rick Dayton reports on how some local students are celebrating World Smile Day.
Reporter Update: Rick Dayton - Mummies of the WorldThere are 40 mummies at the Carnegie Science Center, and KDKA's Rick Dayton got a sneak peek of the exhibit.
Reporter Update: Lindsay Ward - Steel Valley Bed BugsSteel Valley high school is closed today because officials discovered bed bugs in multiple locations. KDKA's Lindsay Ward explains.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - Paying College AthletesKDKA's Jon Delano reports on California's recent ruling that college athletes can be paid to play, and whether it's possible that Pennsylvania could follow suit.
Reporter Update: Chris Hoffman - Young Adults VapingKDKA's Chris Hoffman has a preview of this afternoon's report, discussing vaping among high school students.
Meghan Schiller Reporter Update: Controversial Elementary School HomeworkKDKA's Meghan Schiller reports on a homework assignment that was sent home with local first graders, that has parents very upset.
Local Students To Take Part In Worldwide Climate Change MarchPittsburgh-area students are expected to take part today in a worldwide march and rally to do something about the impacts of climate change; KDKA's Lindsay Ward reports.
Kidsburgh Kidcast: Parent-Teacher ConferencesKidsburgh host Kristine Sorensen sits down with school principal Molly O'Malley-Argueta to discuss some best practices for attending parent-teacher conferences.

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