Pittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani talks with Community Bank Senior VP of Marketing Andrew Corfont about coronavirus impacts on banking and interest rates.

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COVID-19's Impact On Banking And Interest RatesPittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani talks with Community Bank Senior VP of Marketing Andrew Corfont about coronavirus impacts on banking and interest rates.
Money Monday: What Now?Pittsburgh Today Live's David Highfield talks with Jayme Meredith, the senior VP at Hefren-Tillotson, about what the future holds due to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.
Real Estate Checklist: Picture Perfect HomeReal estate expert Bonnie Loya and her dog, Buddy, have some tips on how to make your home picture perfect if you're putting it up for sale.
PTL Jobs Week: Keeping Your Motivation While You Job SearchPittsburgh Today Live's Heather and David talk with life coach Dr. Marlene Boas about keeping your motivation while job hunting.
PTL Jobs Week: Learning A TradePittsburgh Today Live's Mikey Hood has a look at Penn Commercial and Technical School in Washington County, which can help you learn a trade.
Money Monday: UnemploymentPittsburgh Today Live's David Highfield talks to Hefren-Tillotson Senior VP Jayme Meredith about the staggering unemployment numbers and how to find work.
Real Estate Checklist: Curb Appeal RevealPittsburgh Today Live Heather and David chat with real estate agent Bonnie Loya about a home's curb appeal! And she introduces us to her new puppy, Jet!
Money Monday: Coronavirus Financial TroublesPittsburgh Today Live's David Highfield talks with Jayme Meredith, of Hefren-Tillotson, about the financial troubles Coronavirus is creating for everyone.
Real Estate Checklist With Bonnie & Buddy: Assessing Your Home's Curb AppealPittsburgh Today Live's Heather and David talks with realtor Bonnie Loya and her home-buying Buddy have some tips for assessing your home's curb appeal!
Money Monday: DownsizingHefren-Tillotson's Rob Rodgers stops by with some advice on downsizing.
Jon Delano - Reporter Update: Gas PricesKDKA's Jon Delano reports on the possibility that gasoline prices could be on the rise in the Pittsburgh region.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - Banks Blocking VenmoKDKA Money Editor Jon Delano reports on Venmo users having difficulty connecting to their PNC Bank accounts.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - Officials Tour New Castle Steel MillTwo key White House officials toured a Pittsburgh-area facility. KDKA's Jon Delano reports.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - Paying College AthletesKDKA's Jon Delano reports on California's recent ruling that college athletes can be paid to play, and whether it's possible that Pennsylvania could follow suit.
Reporter Update: John Shumway - Turnpike TollsKDKA's John Shumway reports on significant increase in Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls, and how drivers can avoid it.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - Downtown Crime & PandhandlingAre local business owners losing business because of crime and an increase in panhandling in downtown Pittsburgh? KDKA's Jon Delano reports.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - The State Of Working PennsylvaniansWorking Pennsylvanians aren't getting a big cut of the commonwealth's growing economy. KDKA Money Editor Jon Delano is looking into the cause.
Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese Working To Sort Out Financial IssuesThe Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh is not declaring bankruptcy, but it must take several steps to avoid it.
Pittsburgh Named 'Most Undervalued' City In U.S.Pittsburgh is the most undervalued city in America for the second year in a row.
Money Monday: Marriage & FinancesFinancial advisor Rob Wilson, of Wilson Insights, talks about how marriage can be good for your wallet, and offers tips to couples who have combined finances.
Lawrence Co. DA Opens Probe Into Ellwood City HospitalThe Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office has opened an investigation into the finances at the Ellwood City Medical Center.
Some Students Getting Debt ReliefState Attorney General Josh Shapiro says a for-profit company plans to release the debts owed by nearly 180,000 students across the country; KDKA's Jon Delano reports.
Dow Soars 1,000 Points, Biggest Point Gain EverMarkets staged a miraculous comeback Wednesday following stocks' worst-ever Christmas Eve. The Dow posted biggest daily point gain ever.
Local Analysts Expect Most 401(k)'s and IRA's to End Year DownThis graph says it all. KDKA's Jon Delano reports.

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